Hi, I am Jessica Edler.

I am a photographer based in northwest New Jersey. I travel to New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and beyond. I have been photographing people professionally for over 10 years and believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful photos.

I fell in love with photography back in the days of disposable cameras, film and darkrooms. The smell of chemicals and the pressures of perfection, mixed with the excitement and anticipation of results at the end of the water bath, drew me instantly. When I emerged from the darkroom with my first image, that I created from beginning to end, it became a part of me.

While I photograph many genres, my favorite genre is a mash-up of beauty, fine art and boudoir. I love creating custom shoots and tapping into all of my creative abilities!

Random Facts:

  • My favorite ice cream flavor is Mint chocolate chip
  • I am obsessed with Turkey Hill Iced Tea
  • I have had multiple photographs in galleries across the country
  • My favorite color is black
  • If I could be any superhero I would be Wonder Woman
  • I live for my children's laughter and good food
  • I love the feeling of soft grass under my bare feet and the sunshine on my face
  • Roasting garlic, coffee beans, and vanilla are the most amazing smells (just not at the same time)
  • I could eat steak every day of my life and not tire of it
  • I love video games - Zelda and Tomb Raider being top of the list

Let's Work Together

I want to photograph you

I love what I do, and how I make people feel with my art. Why should you contact me to have a chat? First of all, I am pretty darn fun, and second, I care. I believe in getting to know the people who are going to be in front of my camera before they actually get there. I want you to be comfortable and most importantly to have fun. Can't meet for a coffee consult? Don't worry, we can meet virtually too!

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