Hey there good looking! You have found your way to the newest "thing" JMI has got going on. Online paperwork! Ok so we may be a bit late to this chapter of things, we are still pretty attached to our paper files-but we have also come to terms with the fact that it may just be easier for the rest of the world to be online. So we have caved. Here you can find the link to your model release, portrait contract and any other forms we can think of! Easy for you, and such a time saver for everyone. Essentially, this is just a big win all around. If you have any issues, send us an email and let us know, We still bring a copy of the necessary paper work to each consult, just in case-so don't worry if you left it at home! 

Click the box(es) that pertain to you and your sessions/potential sessions and save the files to your hard drive, print and fill out. You can even just sign the PDF and email it to me to save a tree or two and we will both have copies on file always. Simple and easy.


If you have any questions, or simply want to book now, Call, email or send a carrier pigeon and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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