Sassy Seniors | Tampa Florida Photographer

Oh senior year. Where the classes by the end of the year become an eternity, and every weekend is spent prepping for all the graduation fun. Senior prom, and graduation, organizing parties and oh, figuring out what college to attend. To be that young again and have the hundreds of doors opening up to the rest of the world. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to take it all on.

Only once are you a senior. Only once do you get to graduate from high school and stand there in cap and gown and hold your diploma,  smile and say goodbye to the walls and the teachers that guided you to that very moment....things are about to change. These young adults, standing there anxiously awaiting the ceremony be over so they can get to the graduation parties and just be done, are about to embark on a huge journey of discovery. College will open their eyes to so many new and wonderful things. Grab hold of the reins and enjoy the ride guys, just don't forget to slow down along the way and take it all in. 

This past weekend, (yesterday to be exact,) I had a Senior Session with the beautiful Miss Marisa. Graduating this year and looking forward to her very bright future, she aims to be apart of the FBI one day! How cool of a goal is that!

When Marisa's mom contacted me and left it up to my suggestion on where to shoot, i automatically though of the usual places photogs go around here, college campus' or local parks. What i emailed them back as a possible location, they never in a million years would have expected. I picked a place that wasn't typical, nor expected because senior pictures shouldn't be at your typical spot, they are a once in a lifetime (for most) deal, and it is a big deal to say the least. I found this spot on my way to last weekends "So in Love" session when i stopped at Publix for flowers. "Publix...what is that?" my out of state friends and family will ask. Publix, my friends, is a supermarket! Thats right folks, we did her session in a supermarket parking lot and surrounding areas!  The bakery next door has awesome red doors that were the entire reason i picked it. I found out later in the week when i was back in the area of all the secret treasures this area has. Marisa and i found a secret outdoor patio while walking around yesterday too! 

I had a ton of fun with her, and she was a trooper even when the sun was glaring in her eyes, and enjoyed some starbucks when we were done. He is a preview from yesterday. What a beauty!