Siesta Key Beach Photo Shoot

It was January and the perfect weather day right after a cold snap. Up north may have been freezing but down here the west coast of florida, it was in the 80s. The photoshoot was apart of our  (The Tampa Shutter Sisters,) monthly meetup. I don't know if there was a theme, but it was pretty girls in pretty dresses. There were 7 of us photographers total, and 2 models. Lucy's dresses adorned the fair skin of the girls, and we just had fun. 

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Maternity Monday with Ms Markie

Markie is not only a mom and mom to be, but the owner of the awesome hair salon,  Salon Agape in Palm Harbor Florida. She was super easy to talk to and it was a really great session overall. I had her throwing fabric, (biggest reason she thought i was a nut job, HA,) and the end result of some sunlight and fabric throwing lace curtains and more can be seen below.

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The Opposite Side of the Camera | My Day as a model

We scoped out the dresses Lucy had fashioned, and went over the make up concepts and my heart kind of fluttered and the same time i was nervous. Having the camera(s) pointed at me in all seriousness was something new. I like a challenge though, so bring it on. I was in hair and makeup for 2 hours including the fancy airbrushing and hair skills of B. Moore Artistry then we drove with very dark clouds looming overhead to New college, and i sowre it was going to start downpouring the entire way there. It drizzled a bit and then simply went away leaving a perfectly cloudy sky. 

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What to Wear | Sexy Coverage | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Being naked can be sexy-but it can be scary! Especially when someone has a camera. Sometimes, keeping your clothes on is even sexier and keeps you feeling comfortable! Look at how these outfits still keep you mostly covered, but show enough to tease the mind in this weeks what to wear to your boudoir session.

What to Wear to Your boudoir and glamour session! 

What to Wear to Your boudoir and glamour session! 

Top 10 Female Celebrities to Photograph (Tampa Boudoir Photographer)

I too have a {secret} desire to photograph the women of hollywood.  To let them know that at the end of the day, they too are women lost in the hustle and bustle of life, and that they too need to take a day to pamper themselves and rediscover themselves. I am guessing not many of the ladies who are being photographed on a regular basis for movies and television, magazines and appearances etc have really taken the time out to enjoy being photographed, or even thought about it. For them it is work. They get paid to do those things. I am also guessing it would be a's a totally different experience being paid to do something, then actually paying for the same thing. 

That being said, here is my {secret} female celebrities I want to photograph list

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Free Beauty Event | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Sunday January 27th, J Morgan Images and Stephanie Paul kicked off the year with Pure Romance consultant Kathryn by hosting a FREE beauty event! When doing free events and offering free services, you have to expect people to take them for granted and basically cross your fingers depending on what it is you are offering. With 10 women booked for makeup, we were set and excited. I arrived an hour early to set up some simple backdrops and i brought some fun boudoir and glamour accessories like masks, flowers and tulle skirts that were a big hit. We had champagne and fruit and lots of snacks for anyone who came. Remember how i said cross your fingers and hope people show up? Well, we had 5 women show for makeup and a guest or two for support, and we had a great time! One of the beautiful ladies got photographed twice. She hung out all day for that. :) Kathryn showcased lots of great new products from Pure Romance and wow to all the stuff! Such fun intimate items, we laughed and made jokes and it was simply awesome. 

We do plan on doing this again in the future, so stay tuned when you can get a great deal on the opportunity to have your makeup done and new pictures too!

Miss Michelle | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Michelle, a vibrant, funny and in general HAPPY woman. She came ready and willing to have fun. She had her outfits planned to a T and knew exactly what she wanted. Her dominant personality ;) shined through as we exchanged stories and laughter while she got her makeup done and prepped for the session to begin. She may seem like the average beautiful woman to you...but when you least expect it, her true sexy comes out. Meet her other sexy side, Goddess Jezanna from   She wants you to know that she will own you, and if you doubt that-call her and see! Click the link above to go find out how you can talk to this gorgeous Mistress!  

Black Tulle & Beauty | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

A couple of weeks ago i made some tulle skirts, picked a park and called up my friend Tanaya to come play with me, (and she was crazy enough to say yes lol.) We left at 9am and headed to the park. *As a creative, you need to just get out there and do stuff regardless of the end result just to keep your mind open and creative juices flowing!* It may have been chilly but she was totally fine being in a tank and tulle skirt, what a trooper let me tell you!

The entire morning was spent shooting around Medard Park in a quiet area that only had a couple of visitors while we were there. She ran and jumped, laughed, sat and crouched; Not to mention climb up on random things for my crazy ideas and lay on the ground. The images have been so fun playing with. Below you can find my favorite of the entire shoot, follow this link to some more.  Which ones are your favorites? Sound off below, i would love to hear from you!

i found out about an area that i can't wait to go back to with some white tulle and fresh to find a model willing to get dirty and freeze a bit and is agile and doesn't mind climbing.....Any local volunteers?