Valentine's Day Gift Ideas-The Nice List

Every holiday finding the perfect gift is hard. Even for holidays that people argue over being one-like Valentine's day. If you need some gift inspiration and some gift ideas to get you out of the flower and chocolates routines, we are here to help! CHeck out our list of idas, and your own after reading! 

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How Do I Get My Wife to Take Boudoir Photos?

When deciding on an experience to choose, decide if you want it to empower her or reconnect you with her, or both! Have something more in mind? Let 's discuss it further. Giving her the gift of boudoir while a gift for you, is a journey of empowerment and rediscovering confidence that you can only know once you have had your session! 

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Sexy Sunday" Lady E

She showed up with so many outfits it made my head spin...and i wanted to photograph her in ALL of them. Clearly we had to narrow it down. Through the shoot we ended up figuring out that our husbands know each other and that we do in fact live in such a small world that our paths were bound to cross at some point. *and i am so super glad that they crossed this way.* Lady E i can not wait until next time and to see what you bring. 

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Why Are all the Santas Different? and other Santa Questions.

So its way into holiday time...actually only 2 days until Christmas that i write this. My kids are watching their morning cartoons, i am trying to wake up, and across my facebook newsfeed i read about a friend who's daughter asked her Why all the Santas she sees are different. I thought the blog would be a good place to answer this honest and oh so innocent question. 

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Sexy Sunday: Lady Dani {Boudoir}

So i get a call from this vibrant person who did not need much convincing that she needed to do a shoot. She saw another clients images and was pretty set. We met for coffee and to go over details so i could answer any questions she had and it was a blast. We went over products, and options and what she was hoping to do with her images. If her boyfriend was lucky and behaved of course, he might even be allowed to see them ;)  I learned so much about her from our first meeting, that when it came to shoot time, we just laughed the time away. 

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Black Friday Special for Everyone

These deals go from Friday November 29, 2013 through Sunday December 1st.  There is something for everyone, be it just a gift certificate or a portrait session, you can not go wrong with the gift of a beautiful memory! 

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Find Your Sexy Tampa Boudoir Mini Holiday Sessions

 The holidays are here, you are looking for the perfect gift in every store and at every website you search. You need to stop and realize you are the perfect gift for your partner. Give him or her the gift of you in a beautiful leather album, you feeling more sexy and more confident in your own skin. Give your partner and yourself for that matter, the gift of boudoir. It's more than a photoshoot, it's an experience. 

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Sexy Sunday: Lady Ann

Lady Ann came in 2 weeks before her wedding day for a very sexy boudoir gift for her hubby to be. She heard via Lady C about JMI and went for it. Her images were simply stunning, and i have been anxiously awaiting the proper moment to share them with you. Today is the day folks.

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Products | Tampa Boudoir Photography

Prints are always now on a weighted mat board to ensure the longevity and give you the security of knowing how stable it is, while being absolutely stunning to display in your home. here are some shots of the products offered. I am so in love with the album it's not even funny! Oh, and the turn around time on everything-is AMAZEBALLS!  

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9 Naughty & Nice Gift Ideas | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

The holiday season is here, and everyone needs new gift ideas for their significant other(s). These gift ideas will help you to think a bit outside "the box" this year and bring a little naughty to your nice holiday season. Oh, and i'd like to add that this is not just for the end of the year. These gift ideas work all year round folks, who doesn't love random presents and to know that they are thought about all the time, not just on a holiday? Lets start out on the nice side and head south to the naughty side.

9.  This site has beautifully packaged products that although not so naughty, are most defintely nice! not to mention free shipping on any order over $45! Tokyo Milk

8. Everyone knows lingere is a sexy classic but really, the nighties look nice for all of 3 secs until you find yourself in the buff and the cute little number you just had on is crumpled on the floor. Why not try something sexy like personalized undies! A lace number that will find itself joining the 3 sec nightie but your lady can wear on a regular basis too! Hanky Panky

7. I bet you always wanted to learn or have your leading lady learn how to do the proper strip tease. Well wait no longer! Let Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque, teach you a thing or two in her easy to follow pictures included book, Stripteese.

6. These are a sexy classic, sex coupons not much else needs to be said about them! Coupons

5. A twist on monopoly for the couple who doesn't just want to jump right into it and would rather let their thoughts get carried away first. Just don't pull this one out instead of the original next family game night! xxxopoly

4. This one i can personally testify to being fun and super naughty. From role play to random bedroom romps this super secret make you feel like a spy will lead to fun adventures and great sex! 101 Sexy Nights

3.  Anything from This site looks absolutely delish and/or fun, but i would def check out this sexy mini kit for only $42! This site has everything from lingerie to sex toys to these yummy edible powders and so much more. This may very well be my favorite new naughty website! 

2. A very naughty gift for her because an orgasm with your lover isn't guaranteed every time...."Orgasm in a Box" and they even have a fun kit for him too! Everyone can win together or alone with these love kits from! 

1. Pole Dance Lessons! Not only will she appreciate the workout it gives her, you will benefit from her newly gained confidence and flexibility! If you are in the Tampa area, check out Impulse Pole Dance Studio for great classes from beginner to advanced. They have multiple locations and are a great group of women! 

Of course this list isn't complete without my favorite option of all. Book your leading lady a complete Boudoir Session and you both win! She gets pampered with hair makeup wine and treats as well as a photo shoot and new found or rediscovered confidence and you receive an album of her beautiful images to always have. If she isn't can still admire her beauty. Just contact me for more information! 

Think i missed something fun and list worthy? Add it in the comments below! I want to hear it and so does everyone else!