Airplanes in Brandon with Gino at the Park of Salandino

With veterans day right here, it's only appropriate that i stumbled upon this man making airplanes at Salandino park on bryan last weekend. He is a veteran who needs to keep his hands and his mind busy, so he goes to the park in teh mornings for hours making by hand, planes. 

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How Old Do I have to Be for a Boudoir Photo shoot?

Here is a question that isn't in the FAQ section because we don't hear it that often, but I hear colleagues of mine get asked it often enough to officially address it. How old does one have to be, to be photographed in boudoir style, or How old is  "too old" to do a boudoir photo shoot? 

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Derek's Dream World

 as you know from last week, I made an image of my daughter-so I most certainly couldn't leave out my most favorite Little (big) boy in the world, my son. With a couple of attempts at getting him to pose for me, and few gray hairs later plus a couple more days, I present Derek's Dream World. He helped pick out things (like the grass,) and where certain things should go as i masked and re masked, and changed my clouds 20 times before picking something I liked. I also went with some deviant art stock images again, choosing clouds from the same artist as I used in Bre's art piece to keep them similar...more or less. These were made simply for fun purpose, and they are certainly not perfect in any professionals eyes, (i know my flaws here folks,) but they are for us, and they are so much fun.

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Relaxing & Getting The Perfect Expressions during your Boudoir Session

So you have your session booked, (or maybe still thinking about it,) and you are thinking-holy shit, i don't know how to pose-what in the world am i going to do? Let me first inform you that your photographer should be prepared and very skilled in posing you, so you should have nothing to worry about! You will be given direction and coached and encouraged throughout the whole experience. Here are some tips to help you out as you relax and be a little more comfortable in front of the camera-because if you aren't a professional model, then you probably freeze up like the majority of the world does when a camera is pointed in your direction! 

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How Do I Get My Wife to Take Boudoir Photos?

When deciding on an experience to choose, decide if you want it to empower her or reconnect you with her, or both! Have something more in mind? Let 's discuss it further. Giving her the gift of boudoir while a gift for you, is a journey of empowerment and rediscovering confidence that you can only know once you have had your session! 

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Tampa Shutter Sisters Photo Challenge

Make any type of image you want. If you are a food Photographer, pet photographer, children photographer or whatever photographer-play to your strengths and have fun! You can post what you come up with below or instagram it up. #ShutterSisters (i'll keep an eye out.) With permission, i'll pull some images created and post them on the next challenge blog! 

There is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong, this is solely for fun and to learn and challenge yourselves/each other. All are welcome to grow with us on our challenge journey! 

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Sexy Sunday" Lady E

She showed up with so many outfits it made my head spin...and i wanted to photograph her in ALL of them. Clearly we had to narrow it down. Through the shoot we ended up figuring out that our husbands know each other and that we do in fact live in such a small world that our paths were bound to cross at some point. *and i am so super glad that they crossed this way.* Lady E i can not wait until next time and to see what you bring. 

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DIY: White Light and Sheers Background

Why yes, it is as easy as it sounds. This do it yourself project may take you 10 mins to set up and cost you anywhere from nothing to $20. 

Things i used:

white lights from big lots. 2 boxes @ $6 each

Sheers from Ikea: they come in pairs for $5 a set. I have a ton of them, but you can use 2 sets and be good to go, (even 1 set if you must)

I already had a wire hanging thing from Ikea BUT you can totally use those clear push pin things if you have to! I'm not judging-i use them ALL the time for stuff-i even hang pictures with them. 

I hung the sheers first, then un winded the lights so they would be all twisted. Followed by draping them almost to floor and back up again stretching them out a bit as i went. plugged it in and well...i was done. 

DIY lighted backdrop-for anyone, not just 'pros'

You check out a sample of a family portrait session using this same background setup as i have here...HERE. 

Super Simple. Try it with colored lights, and add a baseboard to make it look like an actual wall if you want. i used the sheers as a sort of "snow" as well because hey, here in florida, we happen to lack that cold white stuff!!

DIY Bonus Idea: You may see the kids blowing something "snow like" that is bean bag filler! Just make sure you aren't using it around babies or kids who will try to eat it-that stuff is toxic. 

I would love to see what you come up with, share with me your links to what you come up with in the comments below! 

Sexy Sunday: Lady Dani {Boudoir}

So i get a call from this vibrant person who did not need much convincing that she needed to do a shoot. She saw another clients images and was pretty set. We met for coffee and to go over details so i could answer any questions she had and it was a blast. We went over products, and options and what she was hoping to do with her images. If her boyfriend was lucky and behaved of course, he might even be allowed to see them ;)  I learned so much about her from our first meeting, that when it came to shoot time, we just laughed the time away. 

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10 {CHEAP} Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

TAG! You're it! You shouldn't have commented or liked fell into a trap, its a game! The person who commented or liked has to choose one of the following to put on their timeline... 1) The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live. 2) I'm an angry Elf! 3) A lovely thing about Christmas is that it's compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together. 4) I'm secretly in love with Santa Claus...mmmm, i wanna ruffle that white beard between my toes! 5) I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite. 6) Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip! 7) I flipped off an elf today! 8.) Santa Claus has the right idea - visit people only once a year! 9) I cheated on my ex with one of Santa's elves in Dobbies toilets! 10) I just saw a man running down my street wearing only a Santa hat! You have to play and can't tell anyone its a game (only forward this message if they like/comment). Merry Christmas!! HAHAAHA!!!

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Sexy Sunday| Lady Chris | Boudoir Photography

Lady Chris is a fierce woman with gorgeous curves and kick ass heels. She is strong and determined and did her boudoir session as a way to celebrate herself and remind herself how great it feels to be independent and strong. A Mom of 3 and striving for the stars, Lady Chris rocked her session with confidence and lots of laughter! 

Lady Chris rocking her boudoir session to the fullest!

Black Friday Special for Everyone

These deals go from Friday November 29, 2013 through Sunday December 1st.  There is something for everyone, be it just a gift certificate or a portrait session, you can not go wrong with the gift of a beautiful memory! 

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Bahama Mama from Tampa

2 day Bahamas Cruise via carnival funship? Why yes, i think i will. 

If you know me, you know i love food. The first night i ordered 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 2 desserts.. Yes. I am a fat ass. one of the dishes didn't work out so well, but i had 2 others to eat...and i did. The tilapia was really great and the hot chocolate molten dessert things was an orgasm in your mouth. OMG it was amazing. Creme Brulee was really very good as well.

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Photoshop Friday | Creative Portraits | Katie's Finale

So all month i have posted of Katie's fun creative shoot, which start with intent on making her a doll, but when i sat down to edit my vision changed and i went more 'poltergeist' creepy mode. Maybe it was the whole Halloween vibe kicking in early. Either way, as the Finale to her series, i have compiled together the edits right here for you, and you can view the rest of my creative portraits in the Creative Portrait gallery! Hope you have enjoyed. I have already been at work on some really amazing (if i do say so myself,) images that are sure to stop you in your tracks. I am super proud of the next series-i am just not sure of when i will release them so follow on facebook to find out! 

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Photoshop Friday | Katie Doll part 2


You will notice i also extended the canvas on the final image and brought her dress down further. Her eyes were simply done in a separate layer and not so carefully covered over with a soft brush-in black. My black and white conversions always tend to lean towards whiter whites and blacker blacks. I custom b+w every b+w image i do. Typically bumping the yellows and oranges and a bit of the reds up to be lighter while bringing blues down a bit. of course it always depends on the colors they are wearing etc, but that is my general method. 

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