How to Include those that Have passed, in your Wedding.

Weddings are full of happiness and laughter and sometimes, moments of remembrance. So often we are asked by couples for ways to remember loved ones whom have passed away, what they can do during their wedding to pay homage to them... 

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Airplanes in Brandon with Gino at the Park of Salandino

With veterans day right here, it's only appropriate that i stumbled upon this man making airplanes at Salandino park on bryan last weekend. He is a veteran who needs to keep his hands and his mind busy, so he goes to the park in teh mornings for hours making by hand, planes. 

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New Event and the Holiday Special

So if you follow us over on facebook, you saw the hint that was dropped about family specials and head shots. Ok so that was a little more than a hint-here are some more specifics for you!

Announcement #1:  

Starting NOW (through December), you can book your family portraits for half off (so only $125)  AND get 5 digital images of your choosing! Happy Holidays indeed. The session last 30 mins, includes the normal retouching and 5 digital images (those alone are worth $250!!) I'll even set up an online proofing gallery for you where you or your family can order right online if you can not make it back for a reveal session-not something I normally do either! 

A couple from last year. 

Announcement #2

My corporate friends and future friends, you need a new headshot, and I am here for you! Sundays will now be dedicated to you! Well, the first sunday of every month that is. 20 min sessions, 3 digital files with full retouching to use as needed. *Background choice is grey/black/white* These sessions will be at $125 when January hits, but for the rest of the year, they are only $75! So if you need a new headshot like I know you do, send me an email ( or give me a call and set up your appointment! If you need your entire office to have headshots done, contact me and we'll set it up where I come to you and set up for the day, and make sure everyone gets photographed!  

Happy Holidays everyone. Yes I know it seems a little early, but apparently I am actually late on the holiday bus. Who knew the holidays started back in September?! 

Derek's Dream World

 as you know from last week, I made an image of my daughter-so I most certainly couldn't leave out my most favorite Little (big) boy in the world, my son. With a couple of attempts at getting him to pose for me, and few gray hairs later plus a couple more days, I present Derek's Dream World. He helped pick out things (like the grass,) and where certain things should go as i masked and re masked, and changed my clouds 20 times before picking something I liked. I also went with some deviant art stock images again, choosing clouds from the same artist as I used in Bre's art piece to keep them similar...more or less. These were made simply for fun purpose, and they are certainly not perfect in any professionals eyes, (i know my flaws here folks,) but they are for us, and they are so much fun.

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Sweet Dreams a Fantasy Portrait

Today I present you a fun piece I created for my daughter over the weekend. I took the original image while she was "illegally" napping (she skipped original nap time and was trying to nap at 4pm-that is a no no here,) it wasn't a fantastic picture to start with but she was so cute cuddling her lamby. Total mom snapshot moment for me. This weekend i rediscovered deviant art and decided to see what there was that i could play with. Well of course i found tons, and as my mind wandered, i found plenty to create what i was envisioning. Not to mention, I have wanted to see what i could create using images from others for a while. 

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