Photographing Take Back the Night

The tables start filling, I began walking around looking at the hundreds of shirts hung all over. Each hand made by a person with a message to other women who have survived, or to those who are in bad situations. Some remembering those who didn't make it out alive....and then it hits me-figuratively-I realize the WHY I needed to be there that day and the tears well in my eyes.

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International Launch with Obscurae Magazine

Last year you found JMI in Philosophie Boudoir Magazine for The Association of International Boudoir Photographers, this year, we haven't even made it through the first quarter of the year and i am so VERY excited to let you know, we can now be found in the awesome 1st Edition of Obscurae Magazine. An international magazine featuring artists that go beyond the fashion box-and really beyond all boxes-and embrace the unordinary while keeping it beautiful. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of this, and look forward to seeing how the magazine grows. I will share with you the images that made it in the magazine and if you want to see how fantastic they look in the magazine themselves, You can check out the entire over 100 page issue at joomag. I start on page 50! If you want to purchase the magazine for $3, follow this link!

Thank you to the wonderful friends that allow me to create such fun pieces for them.


Products | Tampa Boudoir Photography

Prints are always now on a weighted mat board to ensure the longevity and give you the security of knowing how stable it is, while being absolutely stunning to display in your home. here are some shots of the products offered. I am so in love with the album it's not even funny! Oh, and the turn around time on everything-is AMAZEBALLS!  

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Plagiarism in the Photography World


It is such a sad day when a creative person, has to steal things from other people to be....creative! These people, these known names are validating all the thieves out there by doing the same thing that if it were to happen to them, they would publicly go after the person taking from them. Of course she issued another apology, but when you are apologizing for the same fuck up (pardon my french,) for the second time, it means you didn't learn the first time, and your apology was bullshit. Your words mean nothing now, and your reputation is going down the drain because of it. I wouldn't hire a wedding photographer that i found out to be a thief. How could anyone trust them? I couldn't.

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Women's Conference at the Mahaffey Theater

What does a Boudoir Photographer, a Wedding Photographer, Glamour and Portrait Photographer all have in common? We got the honor of being apart of the photography team asked to capture the Working Women of Tampa Bay's First Annual Woman's Conference! 

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Sorry Miley Cyrus I was a Bitch

Being labeled sucks-especially if they don't fit you and your personality at all. Labels and names are shitty. We are free to judge whomever we want, but behind the keyboard we have become so very bold with our words. We need to stop, and think, *really think*, before saying the first negative thing that comes to mind. Suicide rates amongst the young are increasing, and it is simply sad. There doesn't need to be all this venom spewed just because it's easier now. For every negative thing you think of someone, stop. Think two positive things and say a positive instead. 

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The Tuesday Night Crew {Tampa Boudoir Photographer}

The Tuesday Night Crew is a ragtag bunch of photographers from all walks of life and varied interests in the photo world that somehow fit together to complete and awesome puzzle together that simply works. 

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