Your Boudoir & Glamour Portrait Photographer is 29

That's right folks, your favorite Florida Boudoir Photographer is officially 29 today. My first 29th birthday of many future 29s. I am officially turning the same age as my Grams. Yep, she is still 29 too. You see, it's in our family the women do not age over 29. I know i know, you wish you had these genes! LOL.  

In all seriousness though, it's my birthday and with it, comes a mixed bunch of emotions. Denial of course, bewilderment and gratitude for certain. Denial being the age factor. I am simply bewildered wondering how the hell did i get all these gray hairs so fast, and when did i become such an introvert? Gratitude for everything i have and everything i am accomplishing. Two beautiful and healthy children, a loving and supportive husband. A house, dog and cat and a business based on doing what i absolutely love. It could be argued that one can't ask for anything more, but here's a secret: I do. I am a "wanter." I have big dreams and hopes and lots of wants, and i believe that is healthy. (if you don't have wants and dreams to fulfill....what is left, right?) I am also a scatterbrain. So in order to keep my goals and dreams aligned this year, i wrote a few down. I want you to be my witness as i publicly put my little to big business* goals out there, and i want you to be apart of my journey on accomplishing them. 

First goal is to replace the camera that i broke. Yeah, i left it outside here in Florida and it monsooned....In my own defense, i was trying to make sure my dog and two children got inside, while making sure that one didn't jump back in the pool without swimmies on while i was drying the other off. SONY won't replace it, so i am switching brands after i secure the funds to do so. If you love my art and want a chance to own a limited edition piece of my artwork, please stop by my Etsy Shop, as of right now, there is a fundraiser going on. There are 9 limited edition works of art, that will all be hand signed and numbered on the back, and shipped directly to you. When 29 of them, in any order are sold-they will be removed and nothing else will be sold of them. EVER again. You will hold in your hands some beautiful works of art that will have even greater value later on. If you share the image on my wall after you receive it,  i will blog you and your picture and give shout outs to you all over social media, and yes that even goes for all my photo friends, fans and supporters as well! 

Over the course of the next few months and year, i want to publish a few books. I can't give you all the details quite yet, but one of them involves a very dark part of me from my teen years intertwined with some dark imagery. Another is a children's book i wrote based on an idea from my son. The third is photography and story related while still the 4th is also photo related, but the focus is the beginning. (that's all your getting on that one.)

In the next year-ish, i would like to plan a women's retreat for photographers. A simple women only, 2 or 3 day getaway complete with food, drinks, relaxing oh and of course, models to photograph and pick your brain sessions. A relaxing way to approach that subject of business and marketing and all things that are going to come up in between. 

In the nearer future, i would love to have an art gallery feature my creative works so people can see them and feel them in person. Seeing art up close and personal is, well...personal. So much more emotion is involved. Art feeds your soul and speaks to your heart. 

In the distant, hopefully not to distant future, i hope to have my own two story studio, where the bottom floor will be all business, but once a month be host to showcase the photography and artwork of local artists.  

My biggest want, of all as far as business goes, is to create works of art that I love, that others may love, or even hate. Yes hate. Why? because it means they feel something for them. I want to create things to make you feel. i want to bring beauty to the darkness in and around us, and i want to inspire ALL OF YOU, to do what you love, and try like hell to be happy.  

Florida Boudoir Photographer 

Florida Boudoir Photographer 

Oh and by the way-in case you aren't following my facebook or twitter feeds, or happened to miss this. It is with great pride and gratitude that i get to announce that JMI has been awarded the second highest honor from the Association of International Boudoir Photographers this year.  AIBP is like a family full of amazing talent and potential scattered world wide, and it is quite an honor to be given such recognition for doing something i love so much.

Thanks for taking a few moments from your day to read this and be apart of my day. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.