Why Do you Want To Meet Me?

So you sent an email, or called me to find out more about pricing and about your session. I respond with some information and some questions for you so I can get to know you. I will also ask to meet up with you or set up a skype/google hangout or virtual meeting of some sort. I have on occasion been asked, Why? 

Why exactly do I want to meet with you? The bottom line is, I want to get to know you, and most certainly want you to know me. How comfortable are you showing up to a session with a photographer you have only talked to on the phone, or worse, only via emails? Now you are going to take off some or all of your clothing for this person, the first time you ever actually meet them?! It would simply make it uncomfortable from just thinking about the session. Ok, so maybe I am a slightly anxious person, but it made me realize that I wouldn't strip down for anyone (in any fashion for that matter,) without knowing them on some real level first-and I thought of my potential clients. We can get paperwork and most of the formal stuff out of the way while getting to know one another and make the session day all about having a good time. 


You are beautiful, bold, curious, nervous, shy, flirty, scared. You are a mix of emotions and I want to be there to guide you through them to make an enjoyable experience.

I want your experience to be fun and not stressful. I want to laugh and make silly jokes and drink some wine with you-maybe even stuff our faces if you have longer session. Without the pre consultation meeting, without talking to you face to face, conversation would be more forced and choppy at first, asnd it would take longer to "get into the groove" so to speak. I want to use your whole session time, photographing you when you are as comfortable as possible. it just makes for better results. When a woman starts getting comfy in front of the camera, it is magic. All of the sudden she is staring into the camera like she owns it. Her poses become more fun and shes laughing honestly more. Its the most wonderful sight to see a client bust out confidence, and I meet you to start this connection. I meet with you so you can start asking your questions and analyzing me. I want us to be a great fit with each other. 

Boudoir is a luxury every woman should try once, an experience that should begin with a connection with your photographer. So, now are you ready to meet with me? You can even start with an email.