Why Are all the Santas Different? and other Santa Questions.

So its way into holiday time...actually only 2 days until Christmas that i write this. My kids are watching their morning cartoons, i am trying to wake up, and across my facebook newsfeed i read about a friend who's daughter asked her Why all the Santas she sees are different. I thought the blog would be a good place to answer this honest and oh so innocent question. 

"Why isn't there just one Santa that goes to all these places, Why are all the Santas Different?" 

The Santas are different because they are actually Santa's helpers. Mr. Claus may be able to travel the whole world in a 24 hour time span, but he can not be in a million places at once. He sends out his elves to dress like him to represent him and go and collect the wishes and wants of boys and girls all over for him, while he is preparing for Christmas back in the North Pole. (It sounds silly to adults, but to a child who believes, this can help them keep the magic a little bit longer.) 

Why Does Santa Give Toys to Good Girls and Boys?

Mr. Clause and Mrs. Clause didn't have children of their own to love and cuddle, so they began a tradition of every year treating the local village children to toys and games. They loved seeing the reactions of the little boys and girls and knew how much joy it brought to those children, that they decided to spread this Happiness all over the world! Santa and Mrs. Claus, do it all for your smile and laughter. 

 How Come Santa Gets to Live Forever?

Santa is around because of you and all the children of the world believing. Every smile on Christmas morning strengthens him and renews his Christmas Spirit for the following year. it is also what makes the Reindeer fly!

How does Santa Get in my house? I don't have a chimney!

No chimney you say?! Well, that same magic that comes from your smiles and happiness on Christmas morning, (and very good behavior all year,) allow Santa to open doors, and climb down chimneys all over the world. Now he can't do it all year, only on Chirstmas Eve, because it takes a lot of magic and energy from him! If you make a key and leave it at your door for him, it will make it easier for him. Try this fun Christmas Key Project on Christmas Eve. It can be a new tradition-a new key every year, with the previous years key becoming an ornament for the tree!

How does Santa know if i have been good or bad all year? 

i love this question. Remember how i told you Santa sends elves to "be Santa" and collect your wishes? Well he has top secret elves all over the world. Sometimes you know them, sometimes you don't. Those elf on a shelf guys have a very special magic that allows them to report to Santa on a regular basis-but guess what. You never know when someone is Santas helper, because it changes each year. Your mom or Dad could even be an honorary Elf one year! You better be good! 

Is Santa Claus Real?

This is the most dreaded Santa question ever asked i think. My answer is this, and it is pretty simple. Yes. As long as you want Santa to be real, him and his magic and his legacy will live on. It is when you stop believing, that the magic fades, and Christmas will never be the same. Keep joy, happiness, and love in your heart and Santa Claus, and the Christmas Spirit, will always be real. 

While these questions are not trying to involve religion Santa Claus as we know him today in America is compiled of stories from Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas and Father Christmas. If you would love to read more about the Jolly Ole Saint Nick, Follow the Link to Wikkipedia and learn about the different celebrations and backstories. They really are quite interesting!

Thank you for taking time to read this, do you have more questions that your kids ask all the time? Let me know in the comments below and i will see if i can come up with an answer for them-or if they too will stump me!