What to Wear Wednesday | Date Night

You've had your boudoir session, now you are ready to go show off your hot looking self and re discovered confidence but oh no, what should you wear out? you already know how gorgeous you look in significantly less....here are some suggestions for your special date night out. 

What to Wear After Your Boudoir Session

The first outfit is for the more conservative chica. Sometimes more is more. Something that is tight fitting but not to revealing can drive a person crazy! I know my husband LOVES that look. Its hot, classy and super stylish. If you are rocking leather boots, make sure your bag matches! 

The second outfit is so sexy with that gold sparkle. low cut to let the girls breath-but not too low that the only conversation to be had is with them and your partner. Keep the jewelry on the simpler side as the lines and sparkle are enough to keep the viewer(s) locked on!  

Outfit number 3 is for the screaming siren. Those Christian Louboutin heels and bag are nothing to mess with. the outfit scream sex. It hugs all the curves you want it too and shows the girls off in that low cut (but support giving,) top. The necklace and earrings steering your partner to enjoy the view-not to mention get them thinking of everything you are hoping they are thinking. After your date night in this dress...drop everything but the heels. those FMP's need to stay on for whatever you do! So Hot!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks What to Wear, i did! 

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Always with Love

Lady J