The Model Release

What is it, do i have to sign one? What happens if I don't? I hear lots of questions about the infamous model release so it is about time that those questions get answered!

A model release is a release giving me permission to use your images in advertisements, in the studio and online. It sounds a bit scary especially for my ladies of boudoir shoots, but it isn't, I promise. there are different types of releases, and you are able to grant as much or as little permission as you want. 

I have every client sign the release as I usually will post a sneak peek that is appropriate for social media-typically a headshot that isn't to revealing-so i need a release to do that. After that, when my client comes in for their reveal, we go through and pick out which images they are using for their products, and which ones are fine for social media and sharing purposes.

You have the option of picking exactly which images can and can not be used, they go into separate folders and notations are made of all allowed and not allowed which you will sign off on. 

You can also choose to only have anonymous images released, these photos are the ones that don't show your face, so the only people who would know its you are me you and whomever you tell. 

If none at all, then you turn into a, that is silly of course. They simply all get put into a folder labeled no use and a note is made on the actual agreement that there is no use besides the shot shared on facebook to be used. Guess what? That is totally fine with me because my clients comfort and security is of utmost importance- and No, I won't charge you to not use your images, it just isn't right for my business model-for some it works, but not here!  

No matter what you choose to do, you can always change your mind, that is your right, just let me know! If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below, or simply send me a message!