What is a Mother?

What is a mom? 

Dictionary definition:

Moth-er: noun

  1.  a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

My definition: A mom is full of a love that no no bounds for her children and is absolutely unmeasurable. A mom comes in a million varieties and is force to be recognised. A mother isn't just one who gave birth to a child, but one who loves a child even before he is born. A mother is still such when she has miscarried, a mother is still a mother when she has adopted and loves that child. You see being a mother isn't just in DNA, its within her heart, it's within her soul, and it is truer than anything else in the world. 

Being a mom means you have dedicated your heart to a child and would do anything for them at any age. Being a mom means sleepless nights and panic attacks when you hear a loud thud across the house followed by cries. Being a mom means a tough job that doesn't just stop when the dinner bell rings, it doesn't end when they go to school or sleep or when they leave the nest *gulp* its a forever love that you can't really define because the feelings that come with it aren't something you can put actual words to.  

On a personal note:

I became an official dictionary definition of mom in 2008 to my amazing son Derek, and again in 2012 when my daughter was born-but I was a mother a few times in between too. I Became a mother in 2007 without knowing, and lost it without out fully comprehending what happened until years later, a denial of sorts i suppose. I became a mother in 2010 and 2011 and lost both of them, the baby in 2011 is still hard to talk about because the baby was fine, it was my body that wasn't. Breanna was our last hope at having a second child. My heart couldn't handle the loss of the love i had for each one, and couldn't mentally handle dealing with it more. 

My kids are my world. yes i get angry and yell and sometimes just want to run away and be by myself for a few minutes-we all do-but the second I hold one of them in my arms and their eyes meet mine, I am in love with my sweet babies all over again. It is truly amazing to be called "mommy" and I am beyond grateful. I wouldn't change a thing. 

  I hope you have an amazing Mother's Day this year, and each after. 

With Love,                    

Jessica Edler