How to Include those that Have passed, in your Wedding.

A photographer isn't just a photographer when it comes to weddings. We become a friend, a confidant and an answerer (totally made that word up) of questions. Something I hear often goes along the lines of My "so and so" passed away and I really want to represent them in a some way on our big day. They want their loved one to be present. Here are some ideas for you if you have lost someone that you want to include in your day.

remembering a loved one at a wedding jessica edler

-Photo(s) near the guest sign book

-wearing something of theirs-always a great way to keep them close

-a picture or item wrapped around the bouquet-simple and heart felt.

-Including a kind word to them in the programs 
    something along the lines of "Remembering those who we hold close, even though they are so     far" or simply, "In Memory of " names" always in our hearts" if the list is short (I do hope it is)

-dancing with the partner of a lost loved one for a special song, maybe it was their wedding song-or the one they had a first kiss to. 

-making a toast for them. 

No matter what way you choose to honor someones memory, make sure you tell your photographer that the moment or object is very important to capture and that they need ot make sure you have it documented! 

Have some other great ideas for the brides and grooms who find their way here? They want to hear them, so sound off in the comments! 

Always with Love