Valentine's Day Gift Ideas-The Nice List

We kick off this week with a list of the nice kind of gift ideas. The list that is safe to leave open at work-don't worry, the naughty list is the next one to come out for later in the week. For now, you need something cute and romantic to give her (or him ) butterflies and swoon for you all over again....

From the Guy to the Gals

Traditional things like, jewelry, chocolates and flowers are always ok-but everyone does that. Literally, its the most commoneasy to pick up on yor way home from work gift. Most women are a bit bored, so it is time for you to surprise your love with something different this year. Why not try one of these?

Custom mugs. Sounds a bit meh at first, but think about the sentiment, of giving her/him something that has been personalized with a love note from you. Its something your love will use on a very regular basis and read your words every time. A beautiful reminder of how much you care. Can't think of something to put on there, I love this phrase: "Name of person", you will forever be my always." Try that on on for size!

A gift certificate isn't always a great idea, but when it is paired with items that make sense to it, it's fine because it wasn't just a last min drive by thought. A movie basket, where you have popcorn and their favorite candies with some drinks and sitting among all of it are two tickets to see a movie. Simple and cute and you both get to see a movie-hopefully you like the same type of movies! 

Next you can make a custom coupon book. You can make it as innocent or not, as you want. What woman doesn't want a coupon for a day of no house work, or a day where her partner has to wash the car without a shirt on...uhoh, hold on, that is starting to go to the naughty side, let me reel that back in for a sec. What woman doesn't want to get a free foot rub or a dinner out coupon. The list is endless and its totally up to you! I just stumbled across this cool make it yours book, that is a play off the regular coupon books-its a date book, that you can make your own with date night ideas and she can pick one and say lets go! So essentially, a custom date book. 

I loved this gift when my husband did it for me. Bring her out and let her buy a new outfit with shoes and accessories, then after have her start getting ready-don't tell her where you are going, just be dressed and ready and give her a timeline. Then bring her out to eat at her favorite place, or even better, the first place you went for a dinner date, assuming it wasn't burger king of course. (No one wants to dress up and then find themselves at BK for their hot date.) 

From Her to Him

Now I bet if you are a lady reading this, you are thinking, wow this list is all about her...I'm bored. Well, Here are some gift ideas for her to get him-feel free to pipe up in the comments and let me know if these ideas suck or what YOU think should be on the list!

A gift that is always a win, no matter the holiday, a subscription to playboy...just kidding, a subscription to the monthly beer club! You can do a 3 month subscription or years. If your partner is a beer drinker, then sign 'em up! A monthly reminder of how awesome you are for not getting him heart socks for V-Day. Pair it with this cool map if he travels a lot so he can mark of his favorite places and decorate his man cave (or corner) with it.  Along the same lines is this cute and very manly gift of scotch. For the guy who prefers the harder stuff to ales. 

You can't go wrong with a bunch of cute and quirky things. From some madlibs to do together when your bored, to a kick ass money clip with his favorite super hero on it, (I already did the search, just click it,) make a basket of all the stuff combined. 

Custom coupon books apply to him too you know. Maybe he wants a foot or body massage or a day of no yard work. Maybe he wants you to cook dinner for him wearing just an apron...(uh oh, dark side again....whew, that naughty list is going to be a good one this year huh!) What ever the coupon, make it one he will love! 

Did I miss something-I know i did, let me know what you think the best gift is in the comments below!