Tutu {Togs} in Tampa

Every month starting 3 months ago, I have been getting together with a few people from the Florida "Restart" group , a smaller group that broke off from Jasmine Star's Restart group on Facebook. We get together and chat and shoot. This last event i tried to get models for-once again searching through modelmayhem and contacting in total, 12-15 models. Some said they couldn't that weekend, others were interested and excited etc. When push came to shove however, not a single one showed. Someone had car troubles and i understand that, another had sunburn but didn't tell me until the day of the shoot and claimed she had no number to reach me.....of course it was in the details message. Of course the majority were no shows. I go back and test the reliability of the models on that site every 6 months or so, and to no avail find nothing but 'models,' who are simply not serious. Granted, I am sure if you were to be paying them, then they would show. Oh well right. You need to make do with what you have. 

Us pho{togs} had 2 choices we could make, go get food and drinks and just chat then walk around and photograph whatever or we could use each other as models....and so-we-did. We dressed up in the tutu's i brought and grabbed accessories and went to work. We also 'pushed the limits' so to speak as we got more comfortable in front of the camera. I scaled a wall and stood on a small window ledge for Tamara, all of us played in the middle of the road...(kids don't do that it is dangerous,) of course we waited until lights were red though. No playing chicken. We, simply put, just had fun. For more images check out the "Pass" gallery here!

Special Thanks to the ladies who photographed me and let me take their pictures too: 

Sharma Specializing in  {Portraiture}

Sharma Specializing in {Portraiture}

Tamara Specializing in  {Lifestyle Portraits & Weddings}

Tamara Specializing in {Lifestyle Portraits & Weddings}

Katie Specializing in  {Disney Engagements & Weddings }

Katie Specializing in {Disney Engagements & Weddings}

TuTu Togs Toes

TuTu Togs Toes