Tuesday Ten l Tampa Boudoir Photographer

This post is all about me. Yeah that's right, i am taking the time to let you know more about me. Why? because i want to know you better too, and we won't get anywhere if we know nothing of each other. So...here it goes. *Don't judge me monkey* 


I have 3 stars on each each of my wrists. Each star represents one of my siblings. Yes i have 6 brothers and sisters total, 3 of each to be exact! 


My obsession with Turkey Hill Iced Tea is probably extremely unhealthy and i will most likely need an intervention at some point in the near future....(if you try and take my iced tea, we can no longer be friends.) 


Many people say they married their best best friend, (awww,) but i married my brother's best friend! Of course he's now mine also, but how often does that happen? 


I remember the most pointless and usually useless information i read online/newspapers or hear from people then repeat them at random times. My husband refers to these as "jessisms" and thinks i make everything up.  


i have an irrational fear of pirates (not the captain hook or Jake and the Never Land pirates versions, but the real life actual pirates that are out there,) and sharks-but  I really love the water.


I have a love and am drawn to the dark side of things and always am searching to find ways to make it beautiful to others.  


I have never watched a full Star Wars movie, let alone the entire collection. (that goes double for star trek stuff.)  


I may not be a star wars nerd or "trekki," but i happen to be a pretty big video game nerd-specifically mmo's...but lose patience to people standing in fire and not being able to take direction. Quit World of Warcraft 8 months ago and am onto Rift-which is way more fun.  


I am a master at theme song memorization and can probably sing any Disney Junior theme song that there is. (mom perk)  



When i cook...which is pretty much every day...i cook enough so there are left overs, however, i don't eat left overs. heh.  

Because i couldn't just stop at 10... here is a few more fun and random facts for just you to know... 

I like to Dance and Sing, and if my shower was bigger I would probably have a concert where I am the only one invited, but if I get the chance I like to go out with friends to Karaoke where we sing and laugh and have a good time, of course there is always pictures involved because who wants to forget memories like those.

I like board games & So does my hubby, but we haven’t found that “boring” couple that wants to play them with us yet. Where art thou boring people with children they want to play Scrabble. Marshall and Lily? can we be your couple?! (yes that's a How I Met your Mother reference.) 

I Used to remember Everything… Now I have to write everything down and hope I remember where I left my notes.. thank you pregnancy. 

I tend to only capitalize my "i's" in the beginning of a sentence. Not from laziness, but out of a feeling that "i" is not more important than any other letter.....ok, or i am just weird.  

My birthday happens to be September 11th, which is 9-11. When i was a child i used to run a round saying 9-1-1, it's my birthday, it's an emergency! Not so funny since 2001 huh. 

I look super young at first glance, but when you look closer you will see a plethora of frazzled grey hairs, two children attached to my hips and my 29th birthday in less than a month. (yikes)

I have recently discovered how much of an introvert i actually am. I also blame the internet for my switch.  


Hope you enjoyed those facts about me!   What are some fun facts about you?