The Tuesday Night Crew {Tampa Boudoir Photographer}

If you don't have a group of people that you share similar interests with and can debate and discuss things with, you should get one. With technology as amazing as it is these days, you can connect with anyone, anywhere, join some forums, make some friends and connect, these groups don't have to be local. It will help you grow. The Tuesday Night Crew, is mine.  

This group of awesome individuals is my support group so to speak, and my reality check for when shit just isn't going the way i need it to. We tend to agree on a lot of things, but can lay down the cold hard truth when needed. *it's needed often.* Among us is varied skill level, diverse focus and we are all at different points on our journey-but we are all photographers. 

  The Tuesday Night Crew (as i so cleverly labeled us,) started out when myself and Ian (the artist formerly known as cl-Ian,) realized we had the same views on things and began 'hanging out' via g+ hangouts. Quickly we tossed up who else we thought would be great in our little (not so private now) get together. Invited some people, hung out with tons of different faces over the first month or 2, but as personalities clashed here and there or people faded away...about 4 or 5  of us stuck around and simply put, *fit* with each other. Since last year we have grown (officially as of Tuesday ) to a whooping 12, (welcome Jamie) And that is a pretty perfect number, Especially since the hangouts can only house 10 at a time anyway. 

We have seen visits from creativeLIVE crew to some instructors that pop in for a bit every once in a while-one of them has become part of our crew. He is someone that i have a tremendous amount of respect for and he asks to be referred to as *Bonehead*   heh. He has provided so much insight and wonderful advice for all of us and yet he is soooo much like the rest of us, it's great. 

Ian and I started this about a year ago at this point, and i will be missing my first *2nd and 3rd* tuesday nights next month when i go on vacation...and i am really kind of sad about this...i have decided i will see what app i can download on the iphone to join them for a bit so i can keep up my perfect attendance record, (shhh don't tell them.)

Our group consists of ( i will use their chat room names, so they don't get stalked without research.) Foxtale *Senior Photography* HejHog *Bands and Concerts Photography* LaBelleTu *Boudoir, Fine Art and an amazing kick starter project going on currently* CarolDPhoto *Lifestyle and Family Portraits* IntaGnobums *Wedding and Fashion Photography* Beerman (Damn Canadians) *Band and Concert Photography* MoWilsonPhoto *Product and Architectural Photography* IBello *Portraits and Glamour* Jamie *Boudoir* Bonehead *Product Photography* (and anything with beautiful light) Ian *Lighting Specialist and Portraits* Myself *Boudoir and Portrait Photography* 

 The real reason i am writing this is so i can take a moment to thank the Tuesday Night Crew. The people i hang out with (religiously,) every Tuesday night. Yes i will tell you i can't hangout because i am hanging out with them. You have your shows, i have my peeps. They have been inspirational, motivational and simply fun. I am so happy to have them around to pick on...i mean...act a fool in front of....uhh learn from. I am a better photographer because of tuesday nights. Thanks guys. I heart your faces! Maybe we should talk project again? 

And because we all met via the lounge on creativeLIVE, i have to thank cL for having the chat rooms and making it possible to connect with other like minded individuals.