Top 10 Female Celebrities to Photograph (Tampa Boudoir Photographer)

As everyone knows by now, my favorite thing to do in the world is photograph women and help them rediscover their beauty that they may have lost beneath the butt loads of stress from work or the mounds of toys and dishes. This is kind of my celebrity bucket list. 

I too have a {secret} desire to photograph the women of hollywood.  To let them know that at the end of the day, they too are women lost in the hustle and bustle of life, and that they too need to take a day to pamper themselves and rediscover themselves. I am guessing not many of the ladies who are being photographed on a regular basis for movies and television, magazines and appearances etc have really taken the time out to enjoy being photographed, or even thought about it. For them it is work. They get paid to do those things. I am also guessing it would be a's a totally different experience being paid to do something, then actually paying for the same thing. 

That being said, here is my {secret} female celebrities I want to photograph list. The order is random and can vary on any given day-depending on my mood. (it's my list, i can change it as i like right!) 

1. Angelina Jolie- I have had a girl crush on her since highschool. From all things i know/have been told by media, she has done some "questionable" things and crazy things, which i find intriguing and real. She is also strong beautiful and has done such wonderful work as a former goodwill ambassador and stands for many humanitarian causes. Did i mention she is friggin' gorgeous?   

2. P!NK (Alecia Moore)- She has always had a kick ass personality that i have loved since her first single, "There you go." Seemingly a rebel, now a mom she is still as hot as ever, just more toned down. I saw an article on how she stopped a concert to comfort a crying child a few weeks ago. How awesome is that? As a mom, i found that really touching, and reminded me of how awesome she is. 

3. Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen- have you seen her curves? My favorite character on the show, Game of Thrones, since the first time i heard her "brother's" cruel words to her. I was empathetic and emotional and routed heavily for her to kick his ass...i won't ruin it for anyone, but let's just say he gets what he deserves. As her character develops she grows strong and radiates confidence. Her character represents transformation for me and is something i relate back to the world of female portraiture. 

4. Rhianna-Not only do i enjoy the majority of her music, but let's face it, she is stunning. She's tough and bad ass and quite the fearless chick. I bet she would be a lot of fun to photograph. 

Image by Blake Little

Image by Blake Little

5. Eliza Dushku-  Another of my girl crushes since way back when....technically since she appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched the entire series of Dollhouse because she was in it, the concept of that show....crazy. Just another woman i see as being beautiful and strong.

6. Charlize Theron-Oh how i adore this woman. She is classy and beautiful AND a great actress. I don't think you can say one bad thing about her. You realize she is from Africa? I have always found this to be really intriguing-which just led me to wiki search her only to after reading about her a bit and her journey in life that she is a very resilient and determined woman. 

7. Portia De Rossi- My first introduction to her was via Nip/Tuck as Julia's girlfriend Olivia. I was immediately taken with her beauty. She started out modeling before acting  (and i can see why.) Since meeting Ellen DeGeneres Portia has come out of her once scared to be public about her sexual preference shell and is happily married to Ellen. A couple's session with them would be amazing-but that's for another list. i would love to simply photograph Portia in a beautiful series of black and white.  

8. Selena Gomez- i know you are thinking super young to be on this list, but she isn't THAT young folks. She is on here because not only is she gorgeous and photographs so well, she is a good person. The youngest UNICEF Ambassador in history-she strives to make a difference and cares about the world from the environment to the people, I appreciate that. 

9.  Mariah Carey-This woman has the most amazing voice. Is there really any other reason i need to give to want to photograph her? Confession, i grew up listening to her music and am a total 90's music child, Mariah has been there for me musically all throughout my teen years and into my early adult life, (heartbreaks, new 'love', etc.) You know i worked at a hair salon on Long Island where one of the hairdressers there used to cut her hair as a child because she l was born in Northport NY where i lived when i moved to NY at 16. That's when i learned that M had a sister she doesn't (well did't at the time,) speak to, according to Pat the hair dresser i worked with. And if you are curious, Pat also said that Mariah was a really fun young lady always happy and 'bouncy.'  I could go on and on about her-but i will spare you. My childhood idol would certainly be amazing to photograph.

10.   Rebel Wilson- She is curvy and confident and hysterical! She is a newer hollywood actress, or should i say newly popular actress that seems to totally embrace her curves, and i love that! Not to mention, her name is awesome. 

Who is on YOUR list? If you could be photographed with or take pictures of...make your list and link me back-i want to read it! Or comment below with your top 10.