The Back Story Of JMI &Your Boudoir Photographer

My love for photography started out of tragedy. After 3 losses in my life i had realized that i hadn't any pictures of these beautiful women to remember them by. I was 16, 2 of my great grandmothers passed and a high school friend within the same month.  

After my realization, i began purchasing disposable cameras and photographing anyone and everything that moved and/or would smile for me. I knew nothing of photography or where it would lead me. I have hundreds upon hundreds of prints sitting in a box near me of smiling youth. Images of relationships that never made it through 10th grade, pure silliness, bad hair days, and awful outfits. Most of all i have memories of people that were in my life at one point that had some sort of impact on who i am today. I am pretty sure if you ask anyone who knew me in highschool, they will surely confirm how damn annoying i was with a camera in my hands constantly. 

it wasn't until i had moved to NY and switched to an all girls school and started taking photos like i did in NJ, that it actually went anywhere. My pictures scattered the pages of the school newspaper on occasion, and our senior yearbook contained more of my images than i even realized until we were through editing. It was a defining moment for me when i saw the impact the photos i produced, had on someone else. I flew through my photography classes and decided that it was what i wanted to do. 

I won't claim that i never put a camera down since first picking one up, because i did.  College came, i loved my photo course and did well, but everything else was too distracting, and i let myself get sucked into the fun aspect and after my first year, i left SUNY Purchase to get a job and figure out what i wanted to do with myself. Probably to try and find myself too.  

I had put my Rebel down after it cost as much to fix the shutter as it would be to buy a new one, and didn't pick it up again for many years. I worked in retail at Abercrombie & Fitch followed by Armani Exchange. When i was a receptionist at Coldwell Banker i stumbled upon love and made a huge decision to move to Connecticut for it. The commute was just too much! I once again found myself in the empty arms of retail as a manager at Express and then a year and half later at a jewelry store with a really kick ass group of people. I had a point and shoot through out all of this, but i wasn't practicing anything i had learned as things had gone full on digital. No need to count your shots, and auto mode was 'fine.' Oh that didn't work, lets try this way. Too easy to "forget" what you were taught when it had been years since. 

I had my son October of '08 at 24 and tied the knot a year and a half later after moving to Florida with my love. It wasn't until that move that i got a new camera. My Sony a330. I still shoot with it today actually-of course i had upgraded but the sad ending to that camera is for another day. I began photographing kids and once again, anything that came my way. Re-learning everything i once new. I laid claim to being a 'natural light photographer,' until i discovered lighting and control. It was a revolution! 

Learning a camera is like riding a bike right? psssh, no. Who knew that you could choose to shoot RAW or jpeg, or both for that matter! Wait a minute, ISO is in the camera and i don't have to buy special film for it. Ok, so editing is done in the lightroom-where did the darkroom go? When it has been that long since you have set your attention to something, and it has changed that drastically, it is an insane amount of new old information you have to learn. Not to mention now there are editing programs that you need to learn and all these nifty tools. WHEW! My free time, even to this day, is spent learning and trying out new techniques. Never stop learning.

I truly discovered what i was meant to photograph when i stumbled upon the online classroom known as creativeLIVE. Free classes while they air live online, and you can buy them after. I had watched one class and thought wow, glamour photography that's pretty and nice and i like the idea...and then something on the calendar on cl's site drew my attention to a boudoir class. I watched the class and was amazed. If i could combine the beauty part of glamour and the sex appeal and confidence of boudoir together that would be what i wanted to do. So i did. I wanted to make women feel beautiful and give them confidence, but i wanted to do more than that. i wanted to help them step out of the politically correct shell of a woman and embrace the sexiness that is them and have them accept that.  I wanted to do something different and open eyes to the changing times. Keeping it sexy, keeping it tasteful and timeless, but most importantly reaffirming that every woman is a beautiful, powerful force to be recognized-she just has to allow herself to see-and I want to show her.

That was over 3 years ago that i restarted this journey and discovered what i love is specializing in Intimate boudoir portraits for woman. While yes i still photograph kids, families and limited weddings, i know my strength lies within making women feel amazing and creating fine art pieces that make my own heart explode with joy. 

Now, in 2014, i have been in multiple galleries through out the US, with some new prospects on the horizon, and am apart of the Dreamers, Misfits and Rebels Show at the City Arts factory in Orlando on July 17th 2014. I came in 2nd place in a photo competition for Black Bird Magazine, which was also published in it. I also had a article published in Philosophie Boudoir Magazine 2013 issue and most recently I have multiple images in of Obscurea Magazine's premiere issue! It has been an amazing ride, and i can not wait to see where my path goes. Will you be apart of it with me? I sure hope so because I predict a lot more fun n the future.