Tampa Shutter Sisters Photo Challenge

So hi. For those photographers and people stumbling upon my blog from wherever you are, Welcome! Most don't know this even the regulars here, that i help run a group called the Tampa Shutter Sisters. We aim to "give back" to the ever growing photo community by simply, having fun. We meetup once a month and have styled shoots or just have lunch and practice on each other. We ask and answer questions, and just support each other no matter what stage of the game we are in-because that is what sisters do. (Sorry guys, the actual group is for local ladies only.) If you are local to us, please feel free to join our little group and grow with us. The challenge is open to whom ever!

So, now that the introduction is over with, what is this challenge? Well, at meetups i have initiated started to give challenges, (and now been dubbed "The Challenger.")  My personal goal is to keep you-and especially the ladies n our group-motivated in stepping out of the box they are comfortable in. Someone mentioned needing inspiration in th egoup just a few moments ago....and i am hear to give it! *queue the super heroine music!*

Here is how it is going to work this time. I will list 3 objects you should be able to find around your home, or get on the cheap. You can use 1 item, or all 3. You can use 1 item multiple times, but you have to use at least one of the items in your image. Since this is the first one, i won't set a specific theme-but watch out in the future! 





Make any type of image you want. If you are a food Photographer, pet photographer, children photographer or whatever photographer-play to your strengths and have fun! You can post what you come up with below or instagram it up. #TampaSS (i'll keep an eye out.) With permission, i'll pull some images created and post them on the next challenge blog! 

There is no good or bad, there is no right or wrong, this is solely for fun and to learn and challenge yourselves/each other. All are welcome to grow with us on our challenge journey!