Sexy Sunday: Lady Dani {Boudoir}

So i get a call from this vibrant person who did not need much convincing that she needed to do a shoot. She saw another clients images and was pretty set. We met for coffee and to go over details so i could answer any questions she had and it was a blast. We went over products, and options and what she was hoping to do with her images. If her boyfriend was lucky and behaved of course, he might even be allowed to see them ;)  I learned so much about her from our first meeting, that when it came to shoot time, we just laughed the time away. 

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Veronica | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

So last week was a busy one, with 2 fantastic shoots with 2 good friends of mine. The first you get to preview is Miss Veronica! We had a ton of fun, and the evening flowed so smoothly. She was my first official non-model, REAL WOMAN photo shoot. Thank you Veronica for being a wonderful shoot and for being so confident-it really shows. Can you believe she had her 2nd child only a few weeks prior to this photo shoot! 


Be more Confident in General {Tampa Boudoir Photography}

Boudoir Photography is a belief that all women are beautiful. You are beautiful, believe it and no one can conquer you.  Try something simple like this to help boost your confidence. It doesn't involve crazy surgeries or the latest fountain of youth serum, but it does include you and a mirror. 

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