Bahama Mama from Tampa

2 day Bahamas Cruise via carnival funship? Why yes, i think i will. 

If you know me, you know i love food. The first night i ordered 2 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 2 desserts.. Yes. I am a fat ass. one of the dishes didn't work out so well, but i had 2 others to eat...and i did. The tilapia was really great and the hot chocolate molten dessert things was an orgasm in your mouth. OMG it was amazing. Creme Brulee was really very good as well.

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Weight What? A Turkey Diet! | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

50 crunches, 25 leg lifts on each side, 50 more crunches, push ups, planks....the list goes on. In the words of Jasmine Star "Bump That!"

You are trying like hell to get in shape, the new year is coming and you are promising yourself, (really promising,) that you are going to get in better shape. After all, you want to get your boudoir session done as a valentine's day gift for your love and just want to shed a few extra pounds. I will share with you what worked for me in the last few months. 

If you are looking to drop some weight, i'm not going to guarantee you results but what has worked in this house for both myself AND my husband was simply changing the way we eat....slightly. Nothing drastic, no secret pills nor meal plan. We switched from eating red meats to turkey products. Seriously. Since doing this simply to help his cholesterol, he has lost 15 lbs in less than 3 months, and myself 10 from my point of plateau. I had managed the same weight since high school. I am currently 1 lb from my goal weight. You are saying to yourself yeah well, you probably work out and eat healthy in general. Well, let me tell you. We eat normal. Love our breaded foods and everything that is fattening. We aren't very much desert people, (although stick a cheesecake or chocolate pudding in ront of me and it will magically disappear.) While my hubby enjoys his veggies, i am not exactly the best veggie eater aka i don't really eat them unless i am reassuring my son that they are delicious (YUCK!) and that they give you super powers, (Duh.) The most working out i do is Zumba once a week, i would do it more if i could find the time because its so fun, and i totally recommend it if you like dancing and not dealing with the gym aspect of working out! My hubby's workout? He plays softball 2 times a week....and if i really push him, he may join me at the gym. 

I discovered on basically accident, that just one change can alter your weight. Try it. Turkey products are pretty awesome. I thought i would hate it, or dislike majority of turkey products because we have always eaten red meat multiple times a week, but i was pleasantly surprised. Turkey sausages, hotdogs, ground turkey-all rockin'. Of course, we still enjoy a good steak every once in a while but i will honestly tell you i don't miss ground beef or the other red meat products what so ever.  I make the most amazing turkey burgers, if i do say so myself! If you want the (not healthiest but awesome recipe,) comment below and ill share it with you.

If you are looking for workout inspiration to go along with your new ah-ha moment turkey diet, check out this awesome board on pinterest for workouts. I may even finally start doing a few of these myself when i don't get to the gym! 

What changes have you made to your diet/exercise or whatever that have actually worked for you in the battle to losing/maintaining a healthy weight? Sound off in the comments below!