Happy 4th Birthday Derek Anthony

Normally, i don't post about my kids in my blog...but today is special. Today my son is 4 years old. While no, not a milestone per say, he changed everything in life for me...and every year especially on his birthday i am thankful.

Every day you you look at me with those crystal clear eyes, and that sweet smile and ask for an ice pop first thing. Every day the answer is the same, "no, not until after lunch." Every day you tell me of all the things you want, and all the things that you remember. "Do you remember when..." and he will tell me some obscure cute memory from last week, or of times of me feeding him when he was a baby, that i really don't think he remembers...Of course i remember, it has only been 4 years....4 fantastic years of watching you grow and change becoming a charming and often times devlish little boy.... "do you remember when...?" How could i forget? Your first word, first army crawl. your firsts of everything...your first glance up at me after you were born, where you came to my chest and stopped crying immediately...i'll never forget the panic i felt as i realized something was wrong with me and tried to keep calm for all in the room and handing you off to someone before passing out. I will never forget the first time after i stopped losing blood and came around enough to hold you again, and being told i would be fine after a few pints of blood....You will never know how amazing it felt to hold you then. 

Derek: Your favorite food is chicken nuggets, you really love "snake pasta" which is really angel hair pasta, you love cold uncooked carrots, and peppers. You seem to prefer most of your veggies raw and uncooked. Your favorite color is green and you love to make a mess. You think spiderman is awesome, and you always mix up venom for black widow somehow....you also refuse to believe me when i tell you black widow is a woman and venom is the 'black spiderman' that you are actually referring to. Your birthday party was a super fun day filled with friends, painting, fun and a surprise visit from spiderman himself (Daddy,) and Venom, (Chris.) You proved fearless as you unmasked Venom to discover who it was, and think it was so funny that he tried to steal your present and that spiderman kicked his butt. You find playing in the rain the most fun thing. Your favorite friends are Akemi, Kaliel, Adria, Daniel and Quentin. You ask about them all daily. When you think of fishing you think of Grandpa Alan and your spongebob fishing pole. You love to color, and draw fantastic works of art that adorn the walls of my office. I am proud of you and all your little and big accomplishments everyday. You love your little sister so much and always try to help with her...even when i don't ask for it, which has proven scary at times. You share your toys as long as it is on your own terms, and you love when you get to play candy land. You love to laugh and play hide and seek and you love to make up songs with me. Your favorite snack is pudding some days, and chips other days. You are headstrong and stubborn like me and a jokester and athlete like your dad. You don't know it yet, but today we will play all of your favorite games, and because its raining without thunder and lightning you can play outside in it. Today you are 4 my sweet boy, and today we will have ice pops...but not until after lunch.

I Love you Derek, Happy Birthday.

Here is the Video from your visit from spiderman.