A Comical Paper "Dress" | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

SO it was 9pm, i was super stressed and didn't want to sit on my rear on the computer anymore. Why super stressed? an over tired 3 year old who is insanely cranktastic....its amazing that i don't break things on days like this one. So that being said, both my little ones get to sleep and i am alone...*sigh of relief* now what to do.....I have had it in my head since Bambi Cantrell's creativeLIVE class to attempt a paper dress. While the dresses i have seen done all are throw aways, i wanted to do something to keep for fun, and to have for a model to model for me at some point...and so i did. My supplies were, velrco (the super sticky kind) tulle, lace, newspapers-mostly the comics- and a hot glue gun and an old strapless bra. The results were pretty fun. it took a little over an hour total time due to the top piece, because i hadn't a clue as to how to get it to do what i wanted, but it came out alright i think. 

Without further ado...here is my lil experiment from last night. A two piece bra top and tutu type of skirt. the top looks really cool on because i obviously had to try it on, and the skirt, because it's velcro, attaches and reattaches so easily. lots of fun, i want you to try it yourself, and share your results with me, either in the comments below, or on my fanpage at www.facebook.com/jmorganimages

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