A Survivors Story and Session

She is a survivor, a survivor of life. With a journey unlike the majority, her troubles started when she was just a little girl ina war torn world. it sounds like it should be a book, and it may very well be one day, for now, you can learn a bit about her journey through life and why she had a beauty session, and of course, enjoy the stunning  portraits! 

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Relaxing & Getting The Perfect Expressions during your Boudoir Session

So you have your session booked, (or maybe still thinking about it,) and you are thinking-holy shit, i don't know how to pose-what in the world am i going to do? Let me first inform you that your photographer should be prepared and very skilled in posing you, so you should have nothing to worry about! You will be given direction and coached and encouraged throughout the whole experience. Here are some tips to help you out as you relax and be a little more comfortable in front of the camera-because if you aren't a professional model, then you probably freeze up like the majority of the world does when a camera is pointed in your direction! 

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Sexy Sunday: Lady Dani {Boudoir}

So i get a call from this vibrant person who did not need much convincing that she needed to do a shoot. She saw another clients images and was pretty set. We met for coffee and to go over details so i could answer any questions she had and it was a blast. We went over products, and options and what she was hoping to do with her images. If her boyfriend was lucky and behaved of course, he might even be allowed to see them ;)  I learned so much about her from our first meeting, that when it came to shoot time, we just laughed the time away. 

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Your Boudoir & Glamour Portrait Photographer is 29

That's right folks, your favorite Florida Boudoir Photographer is officially 29 today. My first 29th birthday of many future 29s. I am officially turning the same age as my Grams. Yep, she is still 29 too. You see, it's in our family the women do not age over 29. I know i know, you wish you had these genes! 

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Autumn Skye Hen House Entertainment {Boudoir Photography}

Founder of Hen House Entertainment, to establish a nightlife and open community for the LGBTQ and supporters crowd dwon in Fort Myers Fl, Jodi..i mean Autumn, is a dear friend from college that i had the privilege to photograph. 

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Top 10 Female Celebrities to Photograph (Tampa Boudoir Photographer)

I too have a {secret} desire to photograph the women of hollywood.  To let them know that at the end of the day, they too are women lost in the hustle and bustle of life, and that they too need to take a day to pamper themselves and rediscover themselves. I am guessing not many of the ladies who are being photographed on a regular basis for movies and television, magazines and appearances etc have really taken the time out to enjoy being photographed, or even thought about it. For them it is work. They get paid to do those things. I am also guessing it would be a challenge...it's a totally different experience being paid to do something, then actually paying for the same thing. 

That being said, here is my {secret} female celebrities I want to photograph list

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Free Beauty Event | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

Sunday January 27th, J Morgan Images and Stephanie Paul kicked off the year with Pure Romance consultant Kathryn by hosting a FREE beauty event! When doing free events and offering free services, you have to expect people to take them for granted and basically cross your fingers depending on what it is you are offering. With 10 women booked for makeup, we were set and excited. I arrived an hour early to set up some simple backdrops and i brought some fun boudoir and glamour accessories like masks, flowers and tulle skirts that were a big hit. We had champagne and fruit and lots of snacks for anyone who came. Remember how i said cross your fingers and hope people show up? Well, we had 5 women show for makeup and a guest or two for support, and we had a great time! One of the beautiful ladies got photographed twice. She hung out all day for that. :) Kathryn showcased lots of great new products from Pure Romance and wow to all the stuff! Such fun intimate items, we laughed and made jokes and it was simply awesome. 

We do plan on doing this again in the future, so stay tuned when you can get a great deal on the opportunity to have your makeup done and new pictures too!

Black Tulle & Beauty | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

A couple of weeks ago i made some tulle skirts, picked a park and called up my friend Tanaya to come play with me, (and she was crazy enough to say yes lol.) We left at 9am and headed to the park. *As a creative, you need to just get out there and do stuff regardless of the end result just to keep your mind open and creative juices flowing!* It may have been chilly but she was totally fine being in a tank and tulle skirt, what a trooper let me tell you!

The entire morning was spent shooting around Medard Park in a quiet area that only had a couple of visitors while we were there. She ran and jumped, laughed, sat and crouched; Not to mention climb up on random things for my crazy ideas and lay on the ground. The images have been so fun playing with. Below you can find my favorite of the entire shoot, follow this link to some more.  Which ones are your favorites? Sound off below, i would love to hear from you!

i found out about an area that i can't wait to go back to with some white tulle and fresh ideas...now to find a model willing to get dirty and freeze a bit and is agile and doesn't mind climbing.....Any local volunteers? 

A Comical Paper "Dress" | Tampa Boudoir Photographer

SO it was 9pm, i was super stressed and didn't want to sit on my rear on the computer anymore. Why super stressed? an over tired 3 year old who is insanely cranktastic....its amazing that i don't break things on days like this one. So that being said, both my little ones get to sleep and i am alone...*sigh of relief* now what to do.....I have had it in my head since Bambi Cantrell's creativeLIVE class to attempt a paper dress. While the dresses i have seen done all are throw aways, i wanted to do something to keep for fun, and to have for a model to model for me at some point...and so i did. My supplies were, velrco (the super sticky kind) tulle, lace, newspapers-mostly the comics- and a hot glue gun and an old strapless bra. The results were pretty fun. it took a little over an hour total time due to the top piece, because i hadn't a clue as to how to get it to do what i wanted, but it came out alright i think. 

Without further ado...here is my lil experiment from last night. A two piece bra top and tutu type of skirt. the top looks really cool on because i obviously had to try it on, and the skirt, because it's velcro, attaches and reattaches so easily. lots of fun, i want you to try it yourself, and share your results with me, either in the comments below, or on my fanpage at www.facebook.com/jmorganimages

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Be more Confident in General {Tampa Boudoir Photography}

Boudoir Photography is a belief that all women are beautiful. You are beautiful, believe it and no one can conquer you.  Try something simple like this to help boost your confidence. It doesn't involve crazy surgeries or the latest fountain of youth serum, but it does include you and a mirror. 

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