Balancing Act of a Business Mom and Organizing

Here's what my day looks like generally: Wake up. No Really, wake up. breakfast, teeth, kids-eat your breakfast. Sit back down! No cartoons, get dressed, brushed teeth. Homework..what day is it? ok, off to school. Don't run around, we are late again. Get in the car. Derek, get. in. the. car!  ok, start buckling up while i get Bre settled. shut door, Derek's side-Why aren't you buckled yet?" buckle him, then me. car on, music up-"Mommy, can you put on *insert song of the morning*" sing and laugh. Hope he doesn't fight too much when i drop him off. "don't go!" the mini fight begins, teacher grabs him so i can go. Always a fight. back in car more buckling, more driving, more singing. home. Bre's tv and play time, emails, work list...make list. answer questions. Remember to work on my book. Morning snack for Bre. diaper change. Man i really need to potty train this little chicklet. Ok, retouch work? get started. facebook distraction. work. oh crap, time to pick up Derek. Car, buckling, singing, driving, pick up, chat time, car again, buckles again, more singing. mailbox, lunchtime, Bre has nap time. Derek has game time. work. lightroom, photoshop, facebook, (obviously too much time spent there,) afternoon snack because my kids are 'STARVING!' (always hungry.) what is for dinner-i'll think about that shortly. sit down, work. photoshop. check emails, work. oh no. Dinner, i forgot dinner again....ugh frozen pizza! or raviolis or...ugh. dishes. gotta do the dishes. damn laundry-it never ends! ok Dinner for real. Hubby is home. Eat dinner, stare at the dishes wishing we had a maid and butler at all times. tubby time, brush teeth, kisses and hugs, it's 7-Bre's bedtime. Begin 20 min game of get out of bed and call to mommy until she comes back in for more cuddles. Repeat 1-3 times. Whew, breath. Derek's bedtime-who's night to read? ok, kids asleep...relax. Just kidding. Dishes. work. work. oh look a facebook notification...stupid distractions., work. cookie break. Back to work. ok, what time is it? oh crap midnight-i should go to bed...just edit one more...dammit 1am, how'd that happen. Bre's up-tuck back into bed. kiss on the forehead-goodnight.  

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