Sweet Dreams a Fantasy Portrait

Today I present you a fun piece I created for my daughter over the weekend. I took the original image while she was "illegally" napping (she skipped original nap time and was trying to nap at 4pm-that is a no no here,) it wasn't a fantastic picture to start with but she was so cute cuddling her lamby. Total mom snapshot moment for me. This weekend i rediscovered deviant art and decided to see what there was that i could play with. Well of course i found tons, and as my mind wandered, i found plenty to create what i was envisioning. Not to mention, I have wanted to see what i could create using images from others for a while. 

None of the cloud images i have of my own quite fit what i was after, so I started there. Placed her in it and started masking out where i wanted clouds to show and not her or the beanbag chair. after placing her in there, then it was incorporating some of the things she loves, like butterflies and pinks. So here it is, my sweet girl having some sweet dreams. 

Now i know it isn't perfect technically, but this one is for me, as a mother and as an artist. Something as a business owner and creator for others i forget to do sometimes. For any artist friends that are reading through, please, remember to take time to create for yourself, for your family memories and for fun. It is so important in keeping that artist spirit alive and well! 

The starting point. 

The starting point. 

Deviant Art unrestricted stocks used: 

Clouds: Sunrise_09
Butterflies: Butterfly Storm
Horse: Laying by Kiwiaa
Stars: Starfeild
flowers: Poppy Stock