Meet Steph Make Up Artist {Tampa Boudoir Photographer}

So finally i convinced my make up artist to get naked...i mean get in front of the camera for me last week. lol. Of course like everyone she had her reservations about it. She wanted to get a better tan. I refused to let her use that as an excuse-because i am nice like that and I don't want my ladies (or make up artists for that matter,) looking orange or anything else that can result from sun exposure! I like you ladies just the way you are, yes even with those pesky 5 pounds you think you need to lose. Its my job to pose you to look thinner and give you results you love. So breathe, have a sip of wine and lets get started shall we?

Stephanie is a hot mama with gorgeous curves and some kick ass make up skills. She is a liscenced Aesthetician and Professional Makeup Artist at SMP Makeup Artistry. She loves her cats, dog and her hubby more than anything in the world and absolutely loves fun. Easy to talk to and have a laugh with you will find yourself at ease in her hands! 

Without any more hesitation i proudly present the other part of my Tampa Team, Stephanie...... 

steph blog post.jpg