Sparkle Session

silver sparkles

Every girl no matter the age deserves to know she shines. What better reminder than to put on a pretty dress or two and play in actual sparkles. I can assure this is fun for all...until clean up time. Sparkels were everywhere-literally- when we were done because this little Princess HAD to roll around in them as well followed by a bathroom break to make sure the entire space was covered in pure silver happiness. So you want to see the ridiculous amount of cute covered in sparkles, well alright then, let me share her with you. Bre is a princess and diva and a ball of fun all in one. A lot sweet, a bit sassy and an amazing melt your heart smile, cover her in sparkles and you have perfection. 

If you didn't know before, you do now, this adorable little angel is my daughter. Almost 4 and she has us all wrapped around her cute little fingers, can you image that? Just love her. 

let the sparkles fly girl pink dress

If you want to schedule your very own sparkles session, call me, i can get you all set up. I recommend we do this outside though!