Sorry Miley Cyrus I was a Bitch

I won't lie, i didn't watch the VMA's live. i feel like i should duck and cover saying that-but it's truth. Ok, now that we cleared that air, let's hit the big topic of the week. Miley Cyrus.  

My first reaction like most of what i saw was: "what the fuck?!" and i reacted with wow, this girl has daddy issues/attention seeking/some other negative thing....then i took a step back.  

Ok. So this young woman, gets scantily clad, prances around stage doing some ridiculous move currently called twerking. I must have been ahead of the time in my club days, because we danced like that but it didn't have some silly name, and i digress. Her performance was pretty much the same as her music video, and well just like a lot of other videos out there. Lady GaGa comes out half dressed or basically naked on a regular basis and tries to be controversial constantly, and that has been accepted as, well, that's just the way she does things. She's gaga or whatever the cool phrase of the week is. The difference? Miley is still in the Hanna Montana category and people are still trying to fit her in the Disney girl mold-which she doesn't fit anymore. People don't like change, and Miley is changing her image at a rapid pace. 

You see, when associated with Disney (in my not so humble opinion,) you need to do your change gradually to keep those fans you already have buying your stuff. Like Selena Gomez for example. She ended with Disney and is slowly becoming a beautiful and very sexy woman before everyone's eyes, but she is doing it gradually enough where, when she "pushes the envelope" it makes some headlines, but it doesn't break the mold. Did you see her dress last night? a bit naughty, a bit nice. She keeps her fan base strong and it will grow with her. Miley is losing some fans along her rapid transition and losing fans she potentially could have had. 

I have to say, not going on the overly sexual nature of her dancing and movements, her performance wasn't mind blowing and her outfit, well, we have seen less and worse for that matter, so whatever to that. (edit)*I want to get this through your head now, i am not condoning her behavior or proud of her or anything positive really about it, but i am not her parents nor anyone with the right to judge, her. My children will not watch her and i am not trying to justify her actions or choices. That isn't my job. *

 I said a bunch of stuff off the cuff regarding her performance this morning when i saw it on youtube, and i mostly want to take those things back, Sorry Miley. I may not have enjoyed the performance, but i get it. You are a performer and an artist trying to break out of the Disney mold AND have fun. I do get it. My husband, for the record, thought it was great and pointed out to me that you were simply trying to have fun and he's right, (whoa did i just say that in public?) lol. I believe that is what you have been saying for some time now. You want to have fun, you want to just party and live-what 20 year old doesn't? I sure as shit had my fun! heh. A lot of fun. Who the hell am I, or you reading this, or anyone else for that matter to critique her for doing the crazy, silly stuff that we may or may not have done similarly along the way? When we did ridiculous things it just wasn't publicized. So i am here to retract my initial reaction, and to make a note to those who listen, to stop and think about the differences in how you acted at 20 and how much different your life would have been if you had to make sure you were constantly on display and expected to perform and make money for the labels (and yourself of course,) and under the constant pressure of living up to names so much bigger than yourself, and to trying and be a role model, which you may not even have wanted to be. It's a lot to handle just thinking about it, so living that life, has got to be pretty damn hard at times, and while her fun growing up times are currently on display, you did stupid shit too and had fun for a minute or two in life, and well, she's allowed to do the same. I think she did her job last night, very well indeed. The "whole world" is a buzz with Miley chatter and of course judgement, but she is news and regardless of all the negative, all press is good press they say. 

EDIT i think we are too quick in general to be so negative with so many things. yes i think the whole thing is inappropriate, but todays standards and levels of acceptance in the masses for anything sexual has brought it to this level, and we need to make a change I may not have enjoyed it or really condone it in the least, but she is an adult, and she is an artist and can do whatever she wants. We judge and say mean things, but this world is such a beautiful place and the awful words and hate we spread need to take a step back. You and i may not have done or think what she is doing/acting is good or whatever, but who are we to call her trash and a slut and everything else. Nothing you or i say can change whatever her path is going to lead to, so why make it ugly on the way there? Why not use these pop icons that are a representation of what we don't want our kids to do, as an example? 

So I apologize Miley, and to all the celebrities really, for all the mis-judgements, and harsh words said about you on a regular basis due to ignorance. Majority of people haven't a clue as to what your life is like, and most haven't taken the time to think about it, or even try to understand the life of a celebrity. I certainly don't understand it, nor agree with most of what todays celebrity pop stars (that are being constantly shoved in our faces by the media, ) are doing or how they are acting, but me calling them a slut or passing my self righteous judgement on them is just rude and in Miley's words, "Ugly." 

If we learn to think again, to be just a bit nicer to one another, the world would spin so much smoother. 


Note: the entire point of this was to get the point across about judgeing people too quickly. take a second look at people, try to understand them.