Skyping with Bryce, Sue Bryce {Tampa Boudoir Photographer}

Here i was tuning into the Monday Q&A for Sue Bryce's 28 Days course. A course that i don't even own, but figured i would pick up something even if not business wise-it would be advice in general. Sue is great with her talks like that. You listen for one thing and get so much more from her. She isn't your typical work-shopper. She gives you as much as she can think of to cram into her allotted creativeLIVE classes as possible.   

You can always find me chatting in the lounge during classes-because lets face it, sitting on my ass staring at a teacher/possibly taking notes and not having people interaction is as hard for me to do now, as it was back when i was in school. 

SO i am chatting away, and Sue is discussing business and worth and pricing. I am saying in chat how i know my direct market is the reason i am not making money, but i don't know how to break into another. Well my buddy Russ who is hosting the show decides to pull my comments from the lounge and tell Sue on me. Well after some debate back and forth about how i feel about money and possible blockage etc, our convo fades and she asks more questions. Feeling a bit relieved it was dropped i continue on managing the kids and cleaning and watching...because i do everything at the same time. (I am mom after all-it's what we do!) Towards the end of her segment i hear her say my name again and realize she is talking to me. She calls me out and tells me to send her my PDF. Immediately i say (in my head,) oh shit. 

Luckily i made one back after her august class. Apparently-it was crap. no, not apparently, it was crap. She received it and we went back and forth a couple days in emails trying to get the time set for our call. Finally Friday comes and we are set. I get my daughter to sleep and my son distracted wit TV. As she is typing to me before the skype pops open i pop into my Tuesday Night Crew Private Group to express my overwhelming excitement, don't tell Sue i was THAT giddy k. ;) Skype rings and it's her. (OMG it's Sue effin' Bryce. She is really skyping me!) <--yes i said that. 

Now for those who don't know who Sue is, (are you living under a rock?) She is Australia's Portrait Photographer of the Year-2 Years in a row! She is the main inspiration behind me finding boudoir photography.

SIDE STORY: Last year, literally a year ago, i sat down to watch my 2nd ever CL course: Glamour with Sue Bryce Immediately was hooked by her accent and her calming voice. Her subtle nervousness that she masks oh so well. She proceeds through this course talking of women and posing and flattering every woman and believing in the beauty of women and what she does with glamour. She didn't try to sell anything to the viewer besides the belief that you can do it just as she has. Its not glamour shots in the mall by far. Not even in the same universe. What she did with natural light and some styrene boards was just stunning. I wanted to make women feel this way. Her class got me thinking about women and photography in a whole new light. Then i heard Christa Meola's name and boudoir and i am today, doing something i didn't know about a year ago, but LOVE now.

Back to the skype call. 

Sue calls me up and we begin chatting. She goes through the PDF like you saw on CL. what you didn't see was her call me an excellent repeller. LOL. we made jokes about it, but the truth is, i am. I was pushing people away with throwing pricing down their throats. As creativeLIVE watchers we all HATE when an instructor is force feeding us their bullshit lines of buy this, buy that, i use it so it must be awesome. So why am i force feeding numbers-and lots of them-to my potential clients? Why are you? 

We talked for 40 mins with a brief interruption when her computer blew up because of everything she has going on, but by the end of it, i knew that one of my issue was with my PDF. It was really quite obvious after speaking with her. We spoke of many things other than the PDF and somehow i owe her dinner now ;) , she met my son who is super adorable and came to say hi to her during recording, i do wish she played that part, he is so cute. Anyway. I did my PDF saturday and had it to her before i went to a birthday party that afternoon.

 If i can-you most certainly can. Do it. 

I urge you to make your PDF pricing guide. It doesn't have to be perfect, but at least have one. Make it simple, and beautiful and make it you. Don't know how? Well adobe pretty much runs the pdf making dept. You can do it in photoshop (in versions earlier than CS5, or i heard you can do it in lightroom!) I haven't tried it yet, because i literally heard this yesterday-but i will be trying it out.  Here's a long but informative tutorial on pdf in lr4 Essentially you are making a book in the book module and exporting as a pdf.  Good luck, i want to see your pdf's when you are done!

PDF tips: gather the images you want to use in one folder. if you have quotes or your pricing list, include that in the folder. with everything in one spot, all you have to do is put it together, and it will be faster if its all one spot. Keep is simple. don't be too wordy. (unlike this post.)