Siesta Key Beach Photo Shoot

It was January and the perfect weather day right after a cold snap. Up north may have been freezing but down here the west coast of florida, it was in the 80s. The photoshoot was apart of our  (The Tampa Shutter Sisters,) monthly meetup. I don't know if there was a theme, but it was pretty girls in pretty dresses. There were 7 of us photographers total, and 2 models. Lucy's dresses adorned the fair skin of the girls, and we just had fun. Since there were more photographers  than models, you can imagine the similarity throughout the, if you know me by now, which if you are a regular, you certainly do, then you know i couldn't just be happy with the same thing everyone else got. I also brought a box. A box that contained random fabrics and materials and props that i had in my studio. I initiated "Challenge Mode" Everyone got 10 min-ok some of us may have def gone overboard on time-with the model that remained after one had to leave early. I went last hoping for more of a moodier sky as by this time, the sun was setting. Becky got the sky i wanted, then the sun came back from behind the clouds to play in my shoot after hers. *curse you Becky!* (totally kidding.) You will see the results in a short bit of my challenge image...For the record, i am very VERY in love with it.

After challenge time we played at waters edge...and then...Emma, the model, showed us how to look gorgeous in freezing water. It was seriously, insanely cold water, and she toughed it out. Even when i made the crazy request for her to lay down it! Many thanks to her! She is a tough cookie, and as a newer model, really rocked it. 

Please enjoy the images and mini behind the scene shots from our day of dresses in Siesta Key. I had a lot of fun creating the images!

And My favorite image from the creative challenge: Titled "Tide Changer"