Sexy Sunday" Lady E

Lady E got a hold of me to claim a voucher she was given by a mutual friend (Lady C,) who is also kind of a super hero herself and also a past client. We met on skype and went over all her questions and started getting to know each other. I always like to meet my future clients ahead of time, one way or another. She was a bride to be and wanted to surprise her hubby with this. So we planned and got everything together. She showed up with so many outfits it made my head spin...and i wanted to photograph her in ALL of them. Clearly we had to narrow it down. Through the shoot we ended up figuring out that our husbands know each other and that we do in fact live in such a small world that our paths were bound to cross at some point. *and i am so super glad that they crossed this way.* Lady E i can not wait until next time and to see what you bring. 

Due to her career path, the ones i get to share have to be pretty anonymous, so i present to you, the gorgeous Lady E, now a MRS. Lady (B)E!

Congrats to you and Hubby B Lady E. Much love and prosperity to you guys! 

Lady E representing sexy brides to be every where! 

Beautiful Make up Provided by Stephanie Paul or SMP Make Up Artistry