Secret Sessions and Keeping it to Yourself!

As any of you that follow this blog/site etc know, all the women in view are ladies who have given permission to use their images, or at least some of them for online use and advertising. I am forever grateful to every woman who is brave enough and proud enough to give me that privilege. That being said, it isn't required! 

"Can we keep this a secret" is a question I receive often, and have no problem not sharing your images-even when I REALLY want to because of how amazing you look! Did you know some of my best work is under lock and key?! Of course you didn't. 

We won't ever charge you for keeping them secret or raise the price because you decide that you don't want them shown or used in a public manner. Yes there are some places that do that. Not us. Not ever. 

Of course we can keep your images and session secret, because that is your right. It is my job to protect you and your files. That trust is sacred to me. 

Now that they are being kept secret, what happens?

What happens after the session, is i go through and import them, pick the best, and begin round one of edits. After Round 2 they will have been narrowed down further to ensure only the best images for you. Depending on the session, will change the viewing amount. After everything is said and done, everything gets put into storage for a year (or less if requested,) and then all the original files are deleted, and I store just your edited images and the raw files of any fine art work that may have been made. Do you know what it takes to delete images as a photographer, all the strength i have, i hate deleting files! 

I look forward to photographing you soon AND keeping your secret safe. 

With Love,
Lady J