Sassy Sunday with Bonnie

Bonnie is a gorgeous woman whom came to me for herself. See, She participated in relay for life last year, as she does every year because, well, she is a survivor, and its a very good thing to do. She is strong and resilient and at this fund raiser J Morgan Images and SMP Make Up Artistry had donated a basket of goodies with a voucher for a complimentary session with make up-and she said she HAD to have it, and so she did. 

Bonnie wasn't sure what was going to happen with the photo shoot, or what to really expect, but she wanted to experience something she hadn't before. She doesn't normally wear more than mascara, so this was a very big change for her. She was a bit nervous, but she was excited too. She made it through with flying colors and in the end well, everyone is happy. I am so glad Bonnie won the basket and came for a shoot. It was a great day here in the studio, and i am so glad i got to meet her and then her daughter at her reveal. Next time, we will have to get a mother daughter session with them in here. 

bonnie blog.jpg

Side Note: I love working with women who are survivors, i love to be apart of your life to help support you and help you find beauty in yourself after. Please let me know if i can help you on your journey, before, during and after. i want to tell your story.