LGBT Couples Search!

Looking for a few Gay and Lesbian couples to feature on the site. Yes We are LGBT friendly here and believe that love conquers all, and since we are a friend, we would love to proudly show this! Are you or a friend of yours in a serious relationship, engaged or married to some one of the same sex and "out"? Then I want to photograph you and tell apart of your story.  How do you win one of the 3 fabulous photo shoots all about the beautiful couples in love, it can be engagement, couples boudoir, or just because. Submit in the comments section below with the story of how you met and which type of session along with any other info you care to share with us, and we will randomly pick couples to work with! 

Each session is an hour long and will include 5 digital images along with a get to know you online consult plus a lot of fun and laughter. Can not wait to meet you, and please, share with your friends and family as they may not have heard about this yet and will want to show their support as well. Looking forward to the more equal future! Winners will be contacted by April  11th, let the fun begin!

Always with Love,

Jessica Edler