The Lutticken-Shelhon Beach Family Photos

This family session took place out in Ruskin at one of my favorite little beaches. The family drove 2 hours to come for a quickie only to turn around and go home right after! I LOVE when clients are willing to travel for a fun location, or just because they love my work so much. Truley warms my heart! 

Now this is not your "traditional" family, and I want to tell you about their lifestyle before showing you the pictures. I love how open they are about it and think its a really cool way to do things.  How I see it..its bottom line, about love. They are a polyamory family. "A what?" you ask. Broken down, its a consensual relationship with multiple adult persons.  Each set of families/relationship combos will have their own sets of rules, but its basically having enough love in your heart for a couple people, and those people loving you the same. Its a shared lifestyle that has open arms for each other and their children and only those involved. No, its not "big love" style, and they don't live in some religious cult or compound or whatever crazy images may come to mind first. Everything is pretty much the same in their house as it is in yours, but with an extra set of hands.. 

You can't tell me having someone else to help with dishes or cleaning, or that extra paycheck isn't a nice thought right! I love this family and how much happiness they all have, and how much they enjoy life together.  If you want to know more, please feel free to check out the wiki page on it here.