Relaxing & Getting The Perfect Expressions during your Boudoir Session

 So you have your session booked, (or maybe still thinking about it,) and you are thinking-holy shit, i don't know how to pose-what in the world am i going to do? Let me first inform you that your photographer should be prepared and very skilled in posing you, so you should have nothing to worry about! You will be given direction and coached and encouraged throughout the whole experience. Here are some tips to help you out as you relax and be a little more comfortable in front of the camera-because if you aren't a professional model, then you probably freeze up like the majority of the world does when a camera is pointed in your direction!  

  • Remember to breath. Take some deep breaths and close your eyes. This will help you drop tension throughout not only  your face, but even your entire body. Do this as often as needed!
  • Stretch! That's right, roll your neck a bit, bring your arms over your head and relax into the pose a bit-you will find these to be some instant winners in the posebook, and you won't even realize that you are "officially" posing. 
  • Bend. "If it bends-bend it." is a popular phrase int eh photo world and it is true. Bending elbows and knees help to create space and can make you look thinner and longer. I have tried to walk with my arms bent all the time, but i get some really funny looks so i stopped. (i don't think it applies outside of the studio.) ;) 
  • Practice! Seriously. Do it in the mirror before your session and practice posing-it will really help with your comfort levels during your shot! 
  • Go to your happy Place. Mentally anyway. pretend you are somewhere that just makes you happy-that will boost your confidence and help you to be less nervous.
  • Be yourself. That is the most important tip i can give you. Don't go to your thinking you have to do all sexy face-or all happy. If you are a naturally smiley person, smile, laugh and have a good time. When you try to force a look that isn't normally 'you', you will find yourself less drawn to those images. Same goes for those who tend to have more of the "sexy"or comonly know as-"the bitch" face, don't try and force yourself to smile. Just be your beautiful self and rock whatever you have! 
  • Dance sing or tell jokes if you have to-just ask us to put on your favorite tunes and if we know the words we will sing and dance right along with you!
  • Last but not least-when all else fails-have a Drink! <--this tip is my favorite because it works 98% of the time. Two drink max though! You don't want droopy eyes and i don't want anyone getting tipsy and driving anywhere! Safety first ladies

For an exercise to do before and after your session to build your confidence, follow that link-and don't worry you won't even break a sweat! 

hope you enjoyed these tips to make your boudoir session a breeze and put you at ease. Feel free to share with a friend who may need these too!