Maternity in the Park

When it comes to women's portraits, I team up with my partner in crime Lucy and make women shine.  One of the members in our Shutter Sister group is almost ready to pop with her first child, a little girl and we couldn't be more excited. Not wanting to miss out on taking pictures of this gorgeous mama and her first baby belly, we invited her to have a session with us. 

Ana came in with hair and make up done and looking beautiful to start off with. Then came dresses and the discovery that she doesn't like nutella!! (say whaat?!) She got warmed up with some indoor beauty and wonderful soft diffused sunlight, then we moved locations over to Medard park and magic happened. The weather was perfect and when it was almost too warm, the wind was blowing and keeping us cool. We simply couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.  Seriously. Ana was a pro at posing and simply rocked out her session. No gators to be seen this time around, but a beautiful black bird hung out with us on the bridge for a while-my own personal spirit animal and probably my patronus if I were to have one-yes i just referenced Harry Potter. 

Are you ready to get caught up in the beauty of this gorgeous mama to be? I am totally in love with this session. Enjoy! 

back lit cream lace maternity
beauty headshot white dress pink lips dark hair

That white dress she is wearing in the top right image and bottom most a stretch of fabric and not a real dress-can you believe that!! 

maternity in grain field

Oh I am sorry, did you want to see MORE? Let me help you with that. CLick HERE to see the rest of her gorgeous morning maternity session. Thanks for stopping by-have a great day!

fine art maternity