Photoshop Friday | Creative Portraits | Katie's Finale

So all month i have posted of Katie's fun creative shoot, which start with intent on making her a doll, but when i sat down to edit my vision changed and i went more 'poltergeist' creepy mode. Maybe it was the whole Halloween vibe kicking in early. Either way, as the Finale to her series, i have compiled together the edits right here for you, and you can view the rest of my creative portraits in the Creative Portrait gallery! Hope you have enjoyed. I have already been at work on some really amazing (if i do say so myself,) images that are sure to stop you in your tracks. I am super proud of the next series-i am just not sure of when i will release them so follow on facebook to find out! 

The Photoshop part of this, is creating black and whites. Go ahead pros, finish your eye rolls. Now when i do black and whites, every single black and white image i do is custom to the image. I don't use actions and preset things on my images unless i made them. If i don't put it in black and white, i don't think it should be. 

You will see a very common theme among my black and white, i push the skin lighter and whites as white and bright white as possible while turning blacks super black-yes i am personally ok with losing some detail to get the desired effect that I want. With Katie's images below, in order to give her those extreme black lips. One we shot with red lipstick, obviously when i turned it black and white using the black and white layer adjustment, it doesn't make it like this. way more grays in there. I first adjusted my sliders so that the skin was much more white, ignoring the effect on the lips because when i move the red slider to lighten the skin, it will also lighten her lips. Quite the opposite effect of what you see here. After i got her skin the way i wanted and adjusted so that my blues and greens etc were at the black point i wanted, i masked off her lips. OMG selective color..oh no! breath. i added a second black and white layer and focused on the reds and turning them black black, while i was still able to keep the details since it was solely focused on the lips. the last thing i did was doge and burn to accentuate her clavicle and where her skin and the white wall/floor behind her were too close.

Hope you enjoyed this series and the mini Photoshop tutorials. :)  


My favorite from the creepy shoot with Katie  of Catherine Anne Photography