Intro to Photography

What is Photography? 

According to google, the answer is simple: "The art or practice of taking and processing photographs."

Just scanning the results in the google, you will find a plethora of versions of the same phrase above. Simple and stating the same thing. For me, though, it is more than that. 

For me, photography is a journey, an experience and a new way to see the world. It is a way of life and how one can explain things when words just aren't working. It opens up the realm of possibility and allows you to create from your heart as well as imagination. If you can dream it-you certainly can do it, you just have to be willing to learn the way to get the result. 

101 Photo Basics is a series for the person with a camera who wants to know more than how to turn on a camera, aim and press the button. It is will be a series of Blogs that keep terms simple, informative, and help you grow as someone who loves photography. 

This was inspired from a facebook forum I started for new photographers, to help them figure out the murky waters. Live Website Critiques/reviews, helpful answers to questions and advice when needed and support too. Feel free to join us over there. While all levels are welcome-douchebaggery will get you banned.