New Years Eve with The American Idiots

Chris Friday by J Morgan Images

This post is so LAST year...and actually its this year too. I rang in the New Year with The American Idiots at Gaspar's Grotto. My day of course started normal and only got crazier. Our beach trip turned into six stitches for my son and then I actually did "cat eye" make up with success (a definite first,) followed shortly by being pulled over on the way and finally arriving at said destination around 10pm. If you know me, my normal bedtime is around 10pm..okay more like 11pm so being out this late is kind of a big deal.

I arrived and discovered that Gaspars has not one outdoor space but two, and of course I went to the opposite one I should have first-that's how it usually happens right-and found the band. I met their entourage and got all set up while I waited for 'kick off'. Their crew was full of great people. Of course I knew already I would like them because I found by going to their facebook page that not only are they a Green Day cover band, but they rock Blink 182 as well-which makes me very happy.  They had my heart the minute they played Eve 6 and Lit though. As soon as I heard "Inside Out" my inner late 90s into 2000s fan girl tried to come out in the form of a squeal. Having no close acquaintances around to pull the fanatic "this is my jam" or  "OMG I LOVE this song!" lines, I kept myself together and kept it professional-because I am just that no matter how much I wanted dance it out. I settled for singing while taking pictures. Multitasking at its finest.  

They rocked throughout the night despite a crazy pink bunny jumping on stage with them and being all silly. Of course they knew this would happen-I did not, so it was a fun surprise.  I had to cringe at the older gentleman who got too drunk and literally flew across the floor face planting and breaking his nose at least-but had to smile and resist high five-ing him when he attempted to keep on rocking out as a towel was held over his face and he was forced to remain seated. Way to go out with a bang dude!  The New Year rolled in with of course a ball drop and lots of couples kissing-always a sweet thing to see-and I even got to toast with the band and friends to kick off the new year. Basically, it was a great time with lots of laughs and interesting moments that only drunk people can make happen! It was a blast. 

I recommend you go see them if they are playing near you and you should probably stalk them on facebook-I am positive they won't mind! Seriously, go now and show some support. Here is the link in case you missed it above. Right Here.

Oh, you didn't come here for my giddy recount of the night and the side story of how i totally made a spotify playlist the very next day of all the bands they kindly played and made me fall in love with again? You came here for pictures. Well fine, have it your way. Enjoy! 

Oh you wanted MORE pictures...fine then, see if i tell you a story again! Click here for the full gallery-Thanks for stopping by!