Meet Ashley! A Tampa Bay Model

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As you know I don't work with many models. Every once in while though, I team up with a make up artist and look for some local talent to have fun with. Enter Make up Artist Joan and Model Ashley. The day started behind schedule but ended up being fantastic! Joan kept Ashley's make up appropriate and clean looking to really show off her natural beauty and it turned out great. 

For modeling agencies looking to book talent I'm going to have to shout out her level of professionalism outshone the models I have worked with over the years by far. She was up to try whatever crazy stuff that I threw at her and was just a really sweet and professional girl to work with. If you'd like more info on booking her, you can find her over on Model Mayhem. 

Some tips for models.

Be punctual. Someone who is late and unprofessional, will not shoot in my studio for a 2nd time-most professionals feel the same-some won't even shoot you if you are late, so be aware of your time. 
Be Prepared! Whether it is shoes or props or outfits, make sure you bring what you were supposed to, to the shoot. 
Do NOT go tanning. Professional models aren't found in tanning beds for a plethora of reasons, you shouldn't either. 
Drink water. It makes for radiating beautiful skin!

Not all photographers are qualified to shoot your portfolio-and not all photographers willing to photograph you are remotely professional. Be Careful! 
Free shoots are great and all, but make sure you know about the photographer you are going to shoot with. Model Mayhem is free for anyone to join-so always be cautious. 
If you are underage, always bring an escort with you-and even when you are over 18 depending on the situation, it isn't a bad thing to bring a friend.
Making sure you feel safe and comfortable where and with whom you are shooting with is important. 
 If you are having hair and make up done at the location, come with a clean face and unwashed hair. 

Do not alter the images you are given after. Not only is it against copyright laws, but if you give yourself new lashes or green eyes when you post those images and someone books you because of the green eyes-they are going to be upset to find your eyes are brown or blue instead. Agencies hire for specific looks to make sure you maintain the natural you