Maternity Session at Pier 60

I have known this wonderful woman since I was 17ish year old and her family is like my own. She is a vibrant, outspoken (of course she is she's from NY), very fun mom to be now, and while much has stayed the same, much has changed for her too.  Now living down here in Florida, married and about to have a baby, my friend Michelle took a break from her crazy schedule of work and baby classes to have a session with me. Of course in choosing her date and time she choose labor day weekend at the beach! Challenge Accepted, as "Barney" would say from How I met Your Mother, and so we headed out there hoping for a beautiful sunny into sunset day. 

Being this is Florida, that pretty sunny day we wanted? Not so much as the sky was one big cloud waiting for the signal to drop rain on top of us. Plus one to us though-it wasn't raining YET. after avoiding paying literally $40 to park our car for an hour, we hiked the half a mile to the beach to find it jam packed with people. that challenge I accepted was looking mighty difficult to complete but I am not swayed easily-especially when my clients images are depending on me. We had fun shooting around people and laughing as I would find a bright pink bathing suit in the background of an image or a man bent over directly to the side of her. Michelle was a sport and a half trekking all over the beach, up the pier and down, under the pier and all around.  after about 30 mins the loud boom of thunder started and the beach slowly started to clear. We got in a few more shots under the pier but We could see the the rain off in the distance. Knowing we were going to be soaked by the time we got back to the garage we made the most of the emptying beach and headed back.  Thoroughly worn out from all the walking, but satisfied with everything we got, we all left with a smile on our faces-even her hubby who came with her for some shots. Awww.  

wind swept hair on beach maternity
under peir 60 maternity

Of course there are more images, but I'll let her be the one to share the gallery with you!