Maternity Boudoir

Boudoir while pregnant? YES!  

A woman is beautiful not because of a face shape or eye color, she is beautiful because she is a powerful entity and is completely unique. A pregnant woman, nurturing a life within, is one of the most magical and beautiful things to behold. She symbolizes strength, love and life. A pregnant woman is sexy on a whole new level, and should have that time in her life proudly on display always.

If you are in the last trimester, you probably are shaking your head like this woman is nuts, i feel like a whale. I felt the same way too, i understand! But now that the baby factory is officially closed, every time my facebook news feed flashes with a beautiful image of pregnant women embracing their new found beauty, i wish i had thought about myself during my pregnancies and had mine done, professionally. To capture that significant moment in my life in an artistic loving way, because I won't have that opportunity to do it again. 

I had my husband snap a couple photos while i was pregnant. Let me tell you, trying to pose yourself, explain the camera and what angles will work and where to crop, while fighting off a dog who wants to lick and cuddle as well as a 3 year old who wants to ham it up with you, (but doesn't want to follow directions,)....really isn't easy when you are feeling beached whale-ish and craving french fries. 

Gotta give the hubby "props" for getting a shot under very high pressure!



I am looking for a few women who would like to capture their pregnancy in a boudoir style session and receive a few images in exchange. Must be in the last trimester and willing to sign a model release. If you are this person, or know someone, please email me for more information. Thanks!