LinkedIn Head shots and profile updates

So your linked in picture is of you sitting on your couch smiling or with a tree popping out of your head. Maybe it's a photo in the car or the bathroom (eek!) when you land an awesome selfie. here is the thing. Selfies, aren't professional.

Sure you look good from that upper angle looking slightly up, but your potential employers, don't need to see your cleavage shot-not if you want to be taken seriously. No one wants to see a "duck face" kissy photo or one from 12 years ago where you were 20 lbs lighter because you put on sympathy weight from your wife's pregnancy. Yes, these are very real situations people do. Maybe it is you? You need a new head shot if this applies to you!!

Why a new head Head shot will help you get a job, a few quick reasons:

1. You will have invested in yourself in a professional way, that says to your employers that you are serious about your image. That will bode well for the company that hires you because it says you are a professional. 

2.  A smiling face looking at the camera gives you more credibility than any other option. The viewer relates to the person in the image easier

3. You are judged by your photo. So SET YOURSELF APART! We live in a superficial world. Let's be real. your future employers will get a ton of applications or LinkedIn messages etc. Your face is likely the very first impression they will get of you. Will yours be in the bathroom with spittle on the mirror or the toilet in the background, or will you be lit beautifully by a pro and coached on how to pose? Which do you think employers are more apt to look at?

4. Confidence!! This is one of the biggest things I coach to people I talk to. Confidence is everything!! No, it is not "looks" like the magazines will have you believe, but confidence. No profile picture at all? It says you aren't confident in yourself, or you are hiding, which will translate poorly to those who want to possibly hire you. It is a negative to have no picture at all. Smile like you mean it and sit up straight. Get in front of the camera and fake it til you make it if you have to. Did you know companies are 14 times MORE likely to hire to hire someone with a profile picture than not. Let that sink in-I'll wait. (source)

While you get on the phone with your favorite photographer, (is it me? I hope its me!) Check out a few images from head shots sessions I have done. The environmental lifestyle images are some of my favorite to take because it is always an adventure. They show your personality but still look professional yet welcoming. Keep those choices in mind when you set yours up!  Don't be afraid to show your personality and let the photographer capture it. It is always good to have a photo that captures the lighter side of you. 


If you need head shots for work, business, linked in or facebook or anything really, give me a call at 813 928 5396 or send me an email at I look forward to speaking with you.