Contessa "The Boss Lady" of Le Teaze Burlesque

I am still not sure how i stumbled upon Le Teaze or Contessa, pretty sure through a google search, and i am very glad that i did. I am in awe of the confidence that Contessa and her girls have and all the effort they put into the shows they do. 

Contessa, "The Boss Lady," as she is quite frequently referred to as by her troupe, is a gorgeous leader. Gracing the cover of PinUp America Magazine at one point and now working with them to promote Burlesque and Pin Up word wide. She is a very strong and confident leader and quite the looker if i do say so myself!  See her and one of her girls every Thursday at Fox and Hound's British Pub for mini shows (for FREE,) except for the 3rd thursday of every month. Why? you ask. Because that Saturday is the Big Show with live bands and the whole troupe is there to perform. Come on down and see some gorgeous ladies rock their curves, curls and pasties and simply enjoy yourself! 

For now, enjoy the lovely Contessa. You can see her set here


contessa blog.jpg