Jessica & Adam {A Cross Creek Ranch} Wedding

The night prior to March 23rd 2013 it had been raining and pouring and thunder and lightening. I sat listening to the sounds of the storm and thought about how my bride to be must be feeling. In her shoes i would have been stressing as her wedding was outdoors! I went to bed that night hoping the sun would come out for her and shine magnificently so she didn't have to fret. Luckily, it did just that.

Arriving early i walked around checking out the area as it was my first time seeing Cross Creek Ranch all set up. The white chairs and flowers and people getting the bar ready and attending to all the small details just put a smile on my face! 

Oh weddings, they are just such happy times! I went in to find the bride and her girls all talking and getting excited. Coming up with questions for a game to be played later. Explored the bed and breakfast area and snapped some shots as i went around. 

The day went off without a hitch. I took a page from Bambi Cantrell's group posing and sped through the group shots, Mina, the woman in charge of the event said I was done in record time-which of course i had no clue of in the moment.  Jessica lent her ideas to the images she wanted and we just had fun. Not to mention she brought props for some really hysterical images. 

Jessica and Adam, you guys are such a fun loving couple and i really enjoyed photographing your wedding! I wish you nothing but the best for the rest of your lives! Congratulations, I hope Hawaii treated you well.